Smoking in non-smoking apartments

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    I am moving to Atlanta pretty soon and moving into a midtown luxury complex and it's non-smoking (like basically every other apartment complex near downtown) and I was wondering if other people still smoke in non-smoking apartments? I don't think I'll have any problems if I put a towel under the door leading to the hallways and open my windows when I smoke! It's a nice complex, so I would assume insulation is even better than a usual lower-end one.

    Any advice? Utmost appreciated blades, thanks for reading :smoke:

    I was thinking of maybe only smoking in my bedroom away from the hallway and just close that door always when I'm not in it.. Although, I wonder if smoking in my living room is just as fine? Haha.
  2. Sploof? What you smoke out of? No papers cover the bowl with a cork so the weed stops burning my only help
  3. Smoke in a room thats not directly connected to the outside door.
  4. my apartment is non smoking but we crank butts and smoke weed all the time.

    should probably stop doing it indoors now that its not as cold out haha

    but ya, towel under the door leading to the hallway would work. also just smoke in your bathroom with the exhaust fan on or something
  5. Get a vaporizer!!!

    Vapes smell less, use less to get you high, are healthier on the lungs, and the "leftovers" make "passable" brownies (yes, you can get high TWICE off your pot!)

    I love my little Vapor Brother's, but I've heard the Silver Surfer is good, and I'm sure others will chime in with their opinions on various brands!
  6. I live in Atlanta as well Woop. But anyway, just invest in a smoke buddy or vape, smoke buddies completely conceal the smell, and vapes are damn near close to doing the same.
  7. I'd be more worried about neighbors constantly complaining about the smell of weed coming in through their windows, until they decide to figure out the problem. Probably better off with a vaporizer, or a sploof if you must smoke.
  8. I'll just purchase a Volcano when I arrive! No biggie, I always wanted one anyways!
    If I ever decide to smoke as well, I'll just put a towel under the door to hallway, light
    up an incense in the kitchen and smoke where I please with the windows open.

    Sounds like a pretty good situation!

  9. If you own a vape, i doubt you'll ever want to smoke! Well, maybe everyone gets an itch for a nice joint now and again....
  10. Does sound like a good situation:p Especially with that Volcano!

    But Shit man,You could use your sploof too, just to be extraaa careful!

    Better to be overly safe than hearing some unwanted "knock knock knocks" At a bad time:eek:

    Paranoid Parrot speaking on this one lol:hello:

  11. You'll like having a vape, they don't smell near as much as smoking and you'll get a much cleaner feeling high with more efficient use of you bud.

    I always keep a bong around for when I have people over that don't want to use the vape and are more comfortable using a bong like they are used to. Also sometimes a vape is too much for occasional smokers and they can get very high too fast with my vape. I smoked out one of my wife's friends awhile back with my vape and she only took a couple of hits and then didn't leave the couch for hours and was pretty much knocked out, lol.
  12. Haha! True that! If I feel like smoking a joint, I'll ride my fixed-gear downtown to grab a bite/drink while I smoke the joint to some music, sounds awesome! :smoke:

    Haha! So, you think I should use a sploof when I vape too with a towel under my door and window open? :) It's definitely safer.

    You think, I'll be pretty fine vaping in the apartments?
  13. Sploof and towel.

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