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Smoking in my shower [No windows]

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Space_Ghost, Feb 7, 2011.

  1. Hey guy i know to put towel under door, steam the room first, but i have no windows. The only thing i have is a fan from when the house is made (guessing 60's or 70's) and it sucks shit up. Iv tested it with candle smoke and it sucked it all up! But where does this smoke go? My logic tells me outside because the fan is to get smells out, not circulate it right back into the house..

    :confused:Where do you think this smoke goes?:confused:
  2. It leads to a vent that goes to the roof. Logic is nice =]
  3. Put towel under door

    Proceed to smoke

    Then take a very hot shower and the smell is gone
  4. Shit just goes away:smoke:

    btw, invest in some ozium spray. Then you have nothing to worry about it.

  5. Can you spot the one who only read the title? :wave:
  6. In all honesty if your not supposed to be smoking i wouldn't do it in a room with no windows. I think you would be better off going on a walk. Or smoking right by a window with some air freshener. If you have no choice then make a spoof. Which is just toilet paper roll with some fabric softner dryer sheets inside. Then use that and blow all the smoke in the fan and hope for the best. Goodluck.
  7. No I read it but in the text it seemed like he made the room steamy and then smoke.

  8. I believe the question was... ":confused:Where do you think this smoke goes?:confused:" :D

  9. Ya i think so too now that you mention it.. hrmm. kk :D
  10. Dude I understand that but I was tryin to tell him the right way.
  11. If it works it works.. Just be careful man.. My stubborn ass has been kicked out of many places for smoking indoors.. In my defense it was like 12 degrees outside but ehh I've made my bed and now i gota sleep in it over and over and over =(.. thank god i smoke or else i would be just as stressed ..hmmm
  12. I think you should just re-read the thread. The right way to do what?
  13. He made it seem like he gets the room all steamy and then smoke which is the wrong way to do it.

  14. The right way? There is now an official way to smoke in shower? I have heard steam helps the smoke get sucked into fan.
  15. It'll work. A sploof works better though, because when it comes out the other side there's no smell to get rid of.
  16. Yea there kinda is...the way that doesn't get you caught.
  17. ya dude but you dont even need the fan. The steam will kill the smell of the smoke. Do it almost everyday.

  18. I guess I understand what you mean now partially but either way if there is a fan exhausting air from a room i think it would hardly matter weather he smoked before or after it got steamy.
  19. I used to do this every single day in my bathroom that had no window. All i had to do was make sure to get most of the smoke into the fan. So I would stand under the fan and blow all the smoke directly up into it and it would all get sucked up. It would probably smell for about 20 minutes but if you leave the fan on and keep the door shut after your shower it will go away. You can just cover up the smell with some spray if thats a problem.
  20. Its possible, but nothins better than hotboxing your bathroom, taking a steamy shower and then there be no smell.

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