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smoking in my room?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by characterr zero, May 10, 2011.

  1. if i have one of those exhaust fans in my window would i be able to get away with it?
    my parents dont know i smoke, and they would freak out if they knew.
    just help me out.?
    thanks :wave:
  2. put a towel by door to seal it....maybe cover vent with a towel or magazine then yea get a fan blowing out the window....or just go outside...
  3. well, i dont have a door.
    my room is the upper part of the house.
  4. you is gonna get high son
  5. Dont smoke in your room, go outside, if you smoke in your room be prepared for your room to reek for 3 hours.

  6. so your room is a loft? like in log cabins etc..? all open then yaaaa....go outside man lol
  7. yeah dont smoke without a door. it will surely lingere downstairs unless your face is in the fan. and if you still try it, use a toilet paper roll and stick dryer sheets in it and blow in there to get rid of alot of the weed smell. and then have febreeze ready or something cuz there will be a small smell in your upstairs for like 45 minutes probably.
  8. When I was in college, in the dorms, we used to take an empty water bottle, poke 4-5 holes in the bottom, fill it 1/2-3/4 with dryer/fabric softener sheets, and blow our hits through it.

    In addition to a fan, a flow-joe (item described above) really kills the smell, especially if you have a vaporizer, but it will no matter the method of delivery. Just make sure you don't stuff it too full, or you'll be breathing in debris from the dryer sheets.

    If you don't have a locking door though, this could be a bigger problem than the obsticle of the smell itself.
  9. lol i think im just gonna wait til the morning.
  10. Trust me, youll learn that waiting for them to sleep..or get glued to the TV and then sneaking out real quick to way smarter than smoking indoors and having the chance of them smelling it.
  11. ya'll some nice people
    thank you lol
  12. my room is a loft also and i smoke out the window just wait for them to go to bed and youll be good
  13. i blaze in my room every single night. Just wait till everyones asleep and have a sesh. all i do is close the door and use air freshner and smells usually gone within the hour. IF i get caught, i get caught. Thats the way she goes. Everyones going to get caught eventually, you can never account for all the variables when doing something that is illegal.
  14. As long as your parents will be asleep or something, and you have a window.
  15. lol well i've went 4 years without getting caught, but i know what you mean
  16. Don't smoke in THEIR house, without THEIR permission.
    End of story.

  17. Exactly.

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