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Smoking in my room

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by EverydayIs420, Jul 7, 2017.

  1. i know this thread has been created thousands of times, but I'm new here. Anyways, my parents know that I smoke and are fine with it, they just want me to keep the smell down. Earlier today my mother texted me saying she can smell it from downstairs. I have a towel under my door, on top of my door, my vents are closed, both windows are open, I blow through a sploof right into the fan that is pointing to the window, and after I spray febreeze all around my room and even in the hallway. I feel like if I can't get the smell down then they won't let me anymore. I'm not an experienced smoker (only about two months) so I don't know how to get it to stop once it's cherried. I've heard that air purifiers help "destroy" the odor, and I'm going to get Ozium spray soon. I don't know how the smell is even getting downstairs. (It is some dank shit tho) if anyone has any suggestions that would help me so much, thanks!
  2. First of all, what is your smoking method (bong pipe, joint) and do you mix tabbaco with your weed ?

    I would suggest smoking from a pipe and giving your self about half a bowl/cone, make sure you can take it in one hit. If you can't quite do it in one hit and it's still cherring use your light in to smother it. Or you know go outside.

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  3. Pack small bowls, bowls you can smoke in 1 hit. They're called snaps or snappers.

    Sploofs (dryer sheet in toilet roll tube) doesn't do shit.
    Use a real one with activated carbon, make one or buy one.

    I used to use non scented deodorizer when I was younger, or blow the smoke into balloons.
  4. Make sure the fan is pointing out the window! And like others said load one hit bowls...joints STINK!

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  5. That seems impossible with all the precautions you took. Unless you were using a joint or blunt. I can sit in my room, smoke from my pipe, cover the bowl after each hit, blow the smoke out the window that's like 2 feet away, spray febreze after every other hit and I'm good.

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  6. Here's a tip: wooden pipe with a closeable lid. ;)

    You take your hit and immediately close the lid over it. The fire goes out, and you just have to hold in the hit you just took until you can blow it out without seeing smoke. Takes about 30 seconds.

    Using this technique I can get stoned as fuck in any environment, and as long as no one sees me take the one knows. There is an added benefit: your weed will last twice as long if you snuff out with a lid.

    Hope this helps. Thirty plus years of sneaky smoking. :ph34r:
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  7. 20th century stealth technology:

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  8. If you're not really trying to hide anything why don't you just go outside when you smoke

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    Here's my method and how I've never been caught when I lived with my parents:

    1. Smoke out of a bowl, so that the tree isn't constantly burning. I pack small bowls that I can kill in one hit, just in case so no cherry will leave smoke in my room. If you don't own a pipe or bong just use an apple or something.

    2. Open a window and place a fan facing outside. Also, cover the bottom of your door with rags/clothes to keep the smoke contained.

    3. Get stoned :D. Make sure to blow into the fan so it blows swiftly out of the window.

    4. Spray your room/area you smoked in with febreeze or ozium (preferably ozium that shit works like a charm)

    Hope this helped!

    Edit: If you're smoking loud, just go outside. It will reek up your room before you even start.
  10. Start by using the search function

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  11. Just go outside bro then there's no smell inside the house lol
  12. The it way you can smoke inside is if you dab and use a sploof or smoke buddy, wax smell goes away in like 10 min so open the windows in your room and make sure the wind is blowing out and not in your room, then dab and blow in the sploof. You can safely do it in your room not by the window.

    If you use bud it will stink too much. Go outside when everyone is sleeping
  13. its not hard u just got to put a little effort into it, found a few tips here to keep the smell down
  14. The best method of indoor smoking I can advise is learning how to maximize your lung capacity. Study yoga because the most important step is control over breathing. Once you learn how to ghost the smoke out of your lungs upon each exhale, you will realize every bowl will take you farther and get you ultimately higher.

    Going from a .5g spoon bowlpack lasting one sesh for 1-2 hours to the same .5g bowlpack lasting 12 hours for the whole day is quite the difference when you conserve air capacity in your lungs per inhale.

    Parts per million of post-combusted weed smoke will maximize volume inside your body when you actively think about where the smoke is travelling. Holding it in for 30 seconds isn't oxygen deprivation if you think like a deep sea diver!
  15. Get a vape if you can and or buy a carbon filter device that you blow smoke through like the smoke buddy or sploofy/make your own device like that with activated carbon. Dryer sheets just add mask the smell but they don't eliminate it and they do very little for the actual smoke. Carbon kills the smell and the smoke.
  16. You are using all the tricks that I know of.

    You are packing the sploof full of dryer sheets, correct?

    The only thing I have to add is to pack one hitters. Kick the bat in one hit. Blow it into a powerful window fan that has an exhaust mode.

    There is always the option of smoking outside.....

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