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Smoking In My Room Without Any Smell?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by DolphinOvaries, Jun 4, 2013.

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    So basically my friend hooked me up with 1/8th of sweet island skunk. I usually have been able to smoke in my room without it smelling, but with this stuff the smell has lingered since like 3 days ago and I haven't smoked since. So what is a good procedure to smoke in my bedroom without the smell, I can't open a window because our alarm would go off and I have central air. Should I close the vent? and what should I do to get rid of the smell then? Basically I just need to know what to do before,during,and after smoking
    also I can't go outside because I smoke at night and I barely go outside so it would seem sketchy if I randomly started going outside.

  2. Smoke outside or in parked car outside. drr drr drrrr j/k
  3. Blow your smoke through a paper towel roll filled with dryer sheets, its not gonna take care of all the smell, but will help out immensely . OR get a vape. I'd go with the latter of the two stated options. :smoke:
  4. It sucks because even when I use that I still smells, it doesnt smell right away but I will wake up in the middle of the night and it will reek in my room when I come back in from the bathroom, getting a drink etc.
  5. Go to your nearest construction site. Enter a port-a-potty and scoop up the contents into a bucket. Take the bucket home and splash it all over everything. That will mask the smell for sure.
  6. rofl
  7. Smoke in the garrage, front porch, backyard, or Try to find a smoking spot. Please dont smoke in your room. thats the quickest way to get caught
    Which are you referring to? The vape or paper towel roll? No method of combustion or vaping can be completely odorless and still medicate you properly should make edibles if you want something along those lines.
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    There are too many topics on this... way too many, lol. Honestly I get tired of posting the same answer over and over again, even if it is helping a fellow blade... so next time;
  10. 1. If your bathroom has a vent, turn it on.
    2. Put a wet towel by the door.
    3. Smoke.
    4. Spray febreeze on yourself and around the bathroom.
    5. ???.
    6. Profit.
    Did this numerous times in my parents house, never once got caught smoking.
  11. I meant the paper towel roll... I cant afford a vape atm and i made a lightbulb one a while back and ended up with hot glass on my chest :|
  12. I know I've been looking at all of them I just feel like my situation is different because I cannot open a window and have central air
  13. make a dube tube out of dryer sheets and a toilet paper roll, blow out the window, and/or ghost hit.  they also make those sectioned metal pipes with the snuffer lid that actually enables a flame to go through a tiny hole, resulting in no smoke but what's inside you.  then, if you do the other stuff, you should be golden.
  14. So do you guys think I should close me central air vent? and then how long should it be closed?
  15. This and I usually use an old t shirt I blow into and open your window if you have one. I have a fan set up that I can blow out the window and it will draw the smoke out too but I do this when it isn't windy out. They have window fans too but that gets suspicious. Honestly if you cant figure out these simple things then you shouldnt be smoking. Also seal up your weed good thats probably what you are smelling 3 days later. Diffusion would take care of something you smoked 3 days prior.
  16. theres like these "Air Freshners" that I just found at home depot that are meant to be placed in front of a vent so the aire blows through it thus making the air spell nice. Just an Idea. Reefers a tuff one to cover up. Tho never was a problem for me as I have always smoked butts and had access to a window. Tell you rents that you want fresh air in you room and get a window fan and your all set.
  17. Close it up till like a half hour after you smoke or until you hear the air kick in to get fresh air in your room. On second thought dont smoke in your room if you dont have a window...find a different spot, its a pain but better than getting caught.
  18. Thanks for the replies guys, so do you think that later tonight if I closed my vents and door and put a towel at the bottom and then had a fan blowing around in the room that I would be good? Also should I spray alot of air freshner or burn candles and if so should I do it while or after im done smoking?
  19. Well depending on the timing and if I can get my alarm off I may be able to open a window, If I do should I just put my fan infront of it and then just blow the smoke out of there?
  20. Sorry if im asking such detailed questions I just don't wanna get caught

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