SMOKING IN MY ROOM(the system)

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  1. When I smoke in my room I wait until everyone is asleep, out a towel under the door take my top of, lean out of the window smoking the ganj and blow the smoke as far away as possible.when finished I open the 2 big windows and spray axe or air fresher,(a lot of it). After a while of being open and when I want to nod off I leave a bit of the windows open and go to sleep.

    This ALWAYS works with spliff,pipes and bongs but will it work for a blunt???

    ANY TIPS?????
  2. Out. Side.
  3. Order a $12 smoke buddy. Seriously, doing all of this shit is retarded.
  4. Take your top off? Da fuck? Lol...
  5. hahah another 14 yr old...if you're going to smoke a blunt go outside
    You'd be surprised how badly smoke can funk up your clothes especially to the nose of a non toker.
    It's actually one of the smartest precautions that many people overlook when trying to be stealthy.
  7. If you are already opening your Window just go outside through that

    Who Dat!
    No, no I wouldn't.
    But, this dude is locked in his room, with the whole house asleep, leaning out the window.
    If he was hot boxing a car, or indoors, window shut, I'd buy that.
    But as of now, he's a topless dude leaning out a window in the winter, blowing big clouds of smoke. Or in simple terms. Sketchy!
    Haha well now that you put it that way ^^
    In reality though I tried everything he did when I was a teenager and it never worked.  Always stunk real bad in the room afterwards and of course got.
    But really.  The smell really stays in the clothes even if you are smoking completely outdoors in a breezy area you will still stink to anyone with a keen nose.
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    So you're saying I shouldn't report to my job as a Police dispatcher after I hot box on the way to work? Hmmm...
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    If it always works with jays why NooT wid blunts
  12. I say don't smoke spliffs up there, because those will generate the most smell. 
    If you're able to sneak outside, that would be best. 
  13. I walk into the living room and take a dab and then go back to whatever I was doing..

    But I.. Ya know.. Live on my own lol

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  14. Go ninja style. Put your parents under medication, like sleeping pills or chloroform.
  15. Caution is always the safest bet, but...
    For the record, I smoked all the time in my room in my parents' house, no windows open, nothing, and the smell was always gone by morning.
    But I was on the second floor and they were on the first, so that may have had a part. Hot air rising and whatnot.
  16. :confused:
  17. no, that's the first thing you do. Matter of fact you should hotbox in the parking lot.
  18. I dont understand some of you people who live with your parents,why do you risk smoking in there house when you know you could get caught?Then you come back and make a thread "OMG Just got caught"
  19. I can imagine seeing a dude leaning out his window shirtless at 3am hitting a bong lol.
  20. Weed smell dissapates pretty quickly without any air freshener. If you smoke at night around 10 pm or whatever, the smell should be gone way before morning time.
    its like a phantom

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