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Smoking in my camp with my family?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by ijok3r1, Aug 10, 2011.

  1. Alright so in two weeks I'm going to be going up to my camp and I plan on spreading out 3 grams to smoke for the week I'm up there. This camp is huge and it turns out I have the whole upstairs to myself:smoke:. Whats will produce less of a smell (Camp is a rental) a corn cob pipe or a grav bong? And just in case I can't get blow all the smoke out of the window is there a way to decrease the smell of the smoke? Thanks
  2. Grav bong.

    You can use a sploof if you're worried (dryer sheets stuffed into a water bottle with holes poked on the bottom).
  3. febreeze, sploof and open window
  4. Alright honestly Gravity bong is the worse way to stealth smoke lol, hit a regular plane bottle bong and make sure you do not have the bowl super cherried. Suck in all the smoke you can and cover the bowl with something and the mouthpiece if theirs still smoke, and blow out the fucking WINDOW if you can. I do this in my room with a bong and I'll smoke 5 bowls and my mom or family will come in a minute after and theres absolutely no smell, use a sploof if you need to but if you don't let any smoke get in the room and blow it out your good. I even had some smoke drift outta the bowl because of drag and I was fine, and I have been doing this for 3 years.. Your good if you gotta window, also do it at night if you blow huge clouds of smoke out nobody's gonna notice. Goodluck and stay blazed but if it's a sketchy situation it's not worth it.

  5. Fuck, man...I need to copy more of my replies, this saves me tons of time that I could use spreading the word of how fuckin' awesome I am.:cool:
  6. What? I can't hear you over the sound of how fucking awesome you are!

  7. Yep, betta recognize.:cool:
  8. Pipe. Make a sploof and bring some kind of odor neutralizer.

    But you should be good with just a sploof. It almost kills the smell but the smoke is only slightly decreased.
  9. If you're at camp, just go on a walk and smoke it outside. Nature is always enjoyable, and bud'll only make it more so. And I'd have to recommend the pipe, if only for stealth reasons.
  10. Camps are places outdoors. How can a camp have an "upstairs"?
  11. Camp.. With cabins?
  12. Your renting a cabin with loft area I assume. Go on a nature walk and smoke at some nice spot you find with your trusty corn cob pipe that fits in your pocket. After smoking out of it, it might have a smell to it. You can always stash your pipe at your majestic smoking spot.
  13. Oscar's idea all the way, but if you're too pansy then say you heard ganja smoke keeps bears away and you were just lookin out for the family then start crying.

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