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Smoking in my bedroom

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by CLE Kush, Dec 1, 2013.

  1. I plan on smoking in my bedroom tonight when my parents go to bed. I think I have this all planned out. Think I will be good? I have a brand new quality candle, a sploof, and I'll open the window and be sure to block the bowl to prevent any stray smoke from flowing into the air. My room is right next to rehire but I'll put a wet towel under the door to prevent any smoke from getting out. I mainly want to smoke indoors cause it's cold outside and don't feel like freezing my nuts off lol. But anyway, think I'll be able to pull this off? And how long should it take for the smell to clear out under my circumstances? I've read many different answers to how long it takes to clear out of a room and want the truth lol. Thanks happy tokin':)

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  2. You seem you got this all figured out, but yes it seems you will be fine. If you want you could buy some opium that works wonders, with the smell. Use a coin to cover your bowl also. And i dont know how long youve been smoking, but make sure you dont take to big of a hit or you might cough and tons of smoke will come out. As for how long it will take to clear out, im not exactly sure, but it should leave by the next morning. I would recommend leaving your window open all night and have a fan running if possible, but dont want to wake those parents up. If you want you could buy surgical tubing so that you can blow smoke through there, and then have the tubing hang out your window (doing this will let you be able to relax and sit in bed when your smoking, instead of standing by your window. Funny thing is i plan on doing the same thing tonight, but im gonna try to make a "apple pipe", lol, but GOOD LUCK, bbbro
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    Do you mean he should purchase Ozium
  4. Eh, just blow it out the window and Lysol. Sploof is also good. Feel like I've seen so many threads on shit exactly like this but eh, we've all been there at least once.
  5. If you have two windows in your room, open one big enough to blow smoke out of & crack the other one open to get some airflow going. If you have a quiet fan, use that to get some airflow going. Keep the fresh air flowing.
    You have this almost completely thought out though, you'll be good.
  6. whats this ozium i keep hearing about, man. i aint never seen it.
  7. I'm afraid to use a fan due to the noise and it being cold out if my mom heard it she might be suspicious. As long as it's gone by morning that's all that matters

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  8. [​IMG]
    Now you have :smoke:
  9. If I could get some of that ozium tonight I would but I'm afraid it's not available to me

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  10. Some grocery stores might carry it. I know some autoparts stoers carry it as well
  11. Just pack one hitters out your bowl that way the only smoke will be blown out the window. Works every time.
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  12. It gets rid of smoke & smoke odors
  13. Don't stress. If you do all that you should be more than fine. I smoked weed for 3 years in my bedroom without my parents finding out. I moved out a long time ago and they still don't know.
    Just don't give them a reason to suspect you're a stoner and you're golden. Get good grades, use eye drops, don't come home at 4 am and eat a family sized bag of lays. Basically, don't be burnt. 
  14. Don't think it too hard.
    Unless youre puffing ajoint or blowing huge clouds of smoke it shouldn't be a problem at all

    You'll get confidence over tome
  15. Fuck yessssss, dog you da best, opium's a fucking bad drug i didnt mean to say that, plz i love it i love it.
  16. it sucks the lizard in the can so that it can climb the monster it would get so it can kill the other monster in a car ride with the police whe you get caught smoking weed and the tv show cops i love cops and then i actually hate the police isnt that contracdicting plz is what i said contradicting?
  17. tone it down, chief, no need to try that hard.
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  18. Lol thanks everyone for the advice. Imma be lighting up here shortly. Probably playin some GTA too😊

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