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Smoking in my bathroom?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Tokers' started by cfr0st, May 10, 2009.

  1. I read this guide but have some questions.

    What if I don't have a window in my bathroom?

    What if there is no vent in my bathroom either?

    Will "Old Spice : Pure Sport Body Spray" work instead of Febreeze/Lysol?
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    Well if you don't have a window, that's kind of bad, but if you don't have a vent, that's kind of good.

    Newer houses being made have a system of ducts that are interconnected between each other. Smoking in the bathroom with the vent on could actually cause the smell to linger through your house. A good sploof is usually all you'd need, still smoke, but no smell.

    Bathrooms are usually bad places to smoke, cause they are small and have no ventilation. I'll go find a post I wrote on a previous thread that explained how to smoke in your room with a good ventilation system that's easy to setup. It really works, and since it's constantly filtering out air, none of your furniture will smell like weed. I'll go find it.

    Link to post
  3. i got the same old spice lol. it works just fine. but if there's no window, the smokes gotta go somewhere( out the door when you open it and inot your house)
  4. I use to smoke in my bathroom befor school in my bathroom everyday and only got caught once(left bong in bathroom lawl)

    you will need a fan for sure and steam helps a ton with clearing the smell.

    Sploof every hit and try to pack 1 hitters in your pipe/bowl. the deodorant you mentioned is "ok" but IMO all it does is add a different fragrance to your bathroom IT DOES NOT REMOVE IT!! You need something that actually kills/removes odor from air(febreeze type products).

    Try not to have a big session too because it will smell alot more then just a couple bowls.

    Your gonna need a fan to circulate the air though thats for sure.
  5. I'm going to disagree on that, there are several reasons that make bathrooms good.

    1. Privacy
    2. Long durations are acceptable, if you go in there to use the bathroom and shower you can get away with being in privacy for a half hour or so without being bothered.
    3. Bathrooms normally don't have carpet or other fabrics besides some hand towels and such for the smell to linger in. (if you have a closet full of towels you may want to be careful.)
    4. During a shower you are introducing a few different pleasant smells, soap, shampoo, shaving creme, conditioner, ect.
    5. Air fresheners, most people have some sort of air freshener in their which can be used to cover up anything that lingers, and do so without people wondering why it smells like a arctic forest.
    6. If after all that there is a lingering smell, you can always come out and say "I'd let that air out for while if I were you.":D
  6. I usually just go in my bathroom and put a towel under the door. Turn on the shower so it fills up with steam. Close any vents and leave fan off. Smoke. Then open window and spray some axe. Either this or use a sploof. hell if you really wanna you can do both.
  7. what if you dont have a bathroom?:confused:
  8. WTF

    How do you shit/piss?
  9. [​IMG]
  10. I ALWAYS smoked in my bathroom when in my parents house. I lucked out and got the 2nd bedroom that also had its own private bathroom so it made it easier as NO ONE else ever went in it unless for whatever reason the other 2 toilets in the house weren't working LOL. So all i had to do was some basic maintenance :)

    I'd just use a small pipe and a lighter that clicks really quiet (my parents got bionic hearing LOL) and load it with enough for 2-3 good hits. I'd click my lighter the second i flushed the toilet then clicked it again when i ran the water to wash my hands. Then I'd spray febreeze air effects (best air freshener in the world, 2nd place, any citrus air spray LOL) or just light an incense (my mom has those herself so it's not uncommon in her house to have one burning in the bathroom), wash my hands, put in eye drops and then go chit chat with my parents for maybe 3 min. so they wouldn't suspect anything while my high was coming on while grabbing a drink and a munchie out the kitchen then go back in my room and enjoy myself :smoke:
  11. uh find a better room to smoke in. my bathroom dosent have a window, and my bedroom does... im sure you can figure out the rest. take this guide as a general idea of how to smoke indoors and apply it to other places in your house. just dont be stupid about it and you wont get caught, and for gods sake make yourself a sploof

  12. I box my shower almost every morning, and have NO issue with smell once i'm all done.
    edit: I don't have a window either. / Also, if you have an air vent in your bathroom, leave it open.

    Just let the shower run on all the way hot while you're cheifing. don't blow the smoke in the vent, that's a mistake. Blow it in the hot shower water.

    Leave the vent on though, after your shower is full of steam.
    Once there^, spark up in the shower. Quarter your bowl every hit to so excess smoke doesn't release.

    If you feel like your shower smells afterwards, wash the bottom of the tub out with a little soap. lol.

    Also, dont forget to rid of ashes, etc.
  13. Perfect situation tokeahontas.

    Unless you have a spare/private bathroom like that, you shouldn't smoke while people are home, at all! And yes the lighter is heard clicking from a distance.

    When no one is home I have smoked in my bathroom (blunts and bowls). No window, but I turned the vent on and blew the smoke out of it plus put a towel under the door. I live in a building and other apartments could possibly get the smell in their bathroom, but it can't be traced back to me so I don't care. Then I'd wash my hands and face like always, and use mouthwash.

    If you have no vent or window, make sure to take a hot shower right after smoking.

    Otherwise, there is never a situation where you can't smoke outside. If getting caught is really something you want to avoid you should be smart. So many people get caught, but I laugh at them knowing I've smoked for over a year and haven't been caught. It's all on you.
  14. Wouldnt a sploof smell up the house just as bad as a joint/blunt?
  15. A sploof is a device used to mask the smell of weed, and it is made from toilet paper rolls and dryer sheets.
  16. sploof works... i use wish i never showed my wife bc now when i smoke in our walk in closet she makes me use it so my clothes dont smell of mj. sploofs work great and i have a phx trinity so its a pretty good size bong and im a 1 hitter bowl killa and it masks the smell pretty goood. i would just start the shower as hot as u can , smoke then take a shower (that well take away from ur high tho) but as least u still smoke =\
  17. Do not, I repeat, Do not smoke a joint or blunt in your bathroom no matter how small. Even with steam this is a huge mistake. I'm just looking out for you man.;)
  18. 2 words:

    Lightbulb Vaporizer
  19. 2 more words

    Doesn't work
  20. so a huge amount of people who use it daily, including someone i know are lying? just because you are incompetent doesnt mean everyone is, bud.

    pack one hitters, hold your hit in as long as you can(not that great for your lungs, but smoking in your bathroom is only temporary), blow through a sploof and there's no way it will be smelled. if your still paranoid take a hot shower and use lots of smelly goodies

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