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Smoking in my basement

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Handy Man, Sep 3, 2011.

  1. Just wondering, do you guys know if people would be able to smell it upstairs if i smoked in my basement? it's a pretty big basement, and i don't think the smell would be able to travel upstairs, so if i were to smoke down there you'd only smell it if you went down there. That's why i have febreeze though.
  2. Use a sploof(?). It filters the smell of smoke when you use it.
  3. Why not just head outside? Then you don't have to disrespect your parents (I assume that's what you're concerned about)
  4. Its going to smell, whether its a vent or a small hole in the ceiling, it will smell. When I have a session in the basement my entire house smells for a few hours.
  5. use a sploof or crack a window with a fan?
  6. When I was in highschool my room was in a basement and each time my friends and I would smoke my mom would know, she didn't mind through those years, hell she supported it even. But the smell will travel up especially if you have duct work on the ceiling.
  7. yea it will travel through the vents
  8. Yeah dude, use a sploof, or use a fan to blow it out of a window. The whole house will smell. Best thing is to use a sploof AND a fan out the window, that's how i avoid getting caught.
    Also, it you can sneak outside without arousing suspicion, that's always the best way to go.
    But please don't just smoke in your basement. I mean, sure there's a chance you won't get caught. But it's a small chance; you most likely will get caught, take every safety precaution you possibly can.
  9. Im a pro at this! I smoke exclusively in my basement :) I use to put a blanket by my door to make sure that the smell didnt get through. I also used candles and air freshener. But its all a waste though. You will only be able to smell something if someone walks down. the smell is gone in about 3 hours. If its your parents youre worried about, just toke when they sleep... problem solved!
  10. I wouldn't smoke in my basement with my parents around if I were you. Smoke rises buddy.
  11. It depends on how your vents and air returns are setup. Whenever I smell weed in my room, I know my cousin just got home from work lol.
  12. dude.... just use a sploof and a open a window and fan. it works great, i use it every night to smoke bongs in my room. works fine no problem at all... and i have a tiny house.
  13. yaa it would. not a lot though.

    it'd probably smell like u just toked and didn't change shirts upstairs.
  14. when i lived at home i had a finished basement, smoked all day and night and no one ever said a word unless they came downstairs.


    when i smoked in mine with the vent open my moms bathroom would REEK of weed, vents musta been connected
  15. Yeah, be careful man. I've smoked all summer long without getting caught. My room is like a meter away from my parents room. One night, my parents were gone but my brother said the house smelled like weed when I was smokin. I had the cracks in my doors covered, vents shut, window open, fan on, fucking EVERYTHING and he said the house still smelled. I don't know if my parents just didn't notice it, or just didn't care, But I think it really is harder than you think (or I think) to get rid of the smell. Just be careful, you never know what will get you caught. Go outside, go to a friend's house, wait till your parents are gone, etc. Just do everything you possibly can to not get caught.
  16. Eric Forman got away with it hundreds of time bro!
  17. Looks like you need a sploof buddy ;)
  18. the best advice is to not do it in your house at all
  19. Eh, that's not always the easiest advice to live by... but it's the only thing that really works
    Ain't life a bitch sometimes?

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