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Smoking in my basement

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by iSmokeLI, Feb 20, 2009.

  1. Hey guys, if i smoke a bowl in my basement and blow the smoke into a wood stove thats down there will the room smell at all?

    vent goes outside i think.
  2. Also remember that smoke can come from whatever you're smoking from. A joint or blunt is constantly burning bud and a bowl can cherry and release smoke into the room.
  3. yeah but i light matches to neutralize the smell and spray a lot of spray shit
  4. hmm if ur too stoned, try not to catch on friend sprayed shit while forgettin he had a match in his hand....but then again he is retarded...

    about the smell: use a sploof..
  5. I've never heard of a sploof before what are they?
  6. An empty toilet paper roll filled with dryer sheets. Smoke, cover the bowl, blow into sploof, spray shit. And then your good to go..
  7. ^^^yup....just browse and search throught the forums...there is alot of threads on how to make one.. :)
  8. Yes, use a spoof, and possibly add a fan right next to the fireplace so the smoke is shot into it. This is how i smoke in my basement.:smoke:
  9. I've done this before, blowing smoke up a chimney, it works.
  10. Sometimes when I'm at home I'll smoke something small like a chillum in my parents

    basement. There are windows though plus I usually pack snappers and blow it through a

    dryer sheet. I would say pack snappers and you should be all good.
  11. ironically i don't have any dryer sheets, but i smoked down there last night and im barely ever visiting my dad.

    So thats a good tip for when im smokin at home.
  12. yup. sploof it up. you got the right idea lol
    also i would suggest smoking in a bathroom so you can turn on a vent in there and use a sploof. then spray febreeze or some shit when your done.
  13. You want to smoke in a small room that is isolated that no one will go in with a window. smoke with the window open spray shit let it air close the window.
  14. if people go into your basement alot then i suggest doing it somewhere else like the great outdoors if you can smuggle your bong out ofc :) if you just have to do it in the basement and will smash your head into a wall until you can, position yourself infront of the fire (light the fire if your allowed) bring a coin about the size of your stem, light the lean green put the coin over the stem hold the hit in as long as possible and exhale up the fireplace the longer your keep it in the less smoke seems to come out
  15. [ame=""]YouTube - How to make a Sploof[/ame]

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