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Smoking in house side effects

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by holyreefer, Mar 11, 2013.

  1. So as we all know smoking cigarettes In the house have a Terrible effect on those living in the house,but what about marijuanna? Does it have 50% of second hand smoke as cigarettes do or more?

    Seeing I'm smoking blunts technically that is tabaccoo but so my question is am doing just as much as damage?
  2. Eh, in my opinion blunts wouldn't really make a big difference, just look at how much tobacco gets removed before fillin it back up with weed, that's gotta be at least 70-85% of the total tobacco.
  3. True but lets say seeing the smoke stays in vents, carpet would it also enduce my kids to being sick quicker? Allergies etc... Like cigarettes do?
  4. I never understood how the second hand thing is worse then just smoking it. I understand the person not smoking it is getting all the left over smoke and all. but its not like the person who did smoke it isnt getting any of that.... I mean really... its not like when you smoke you are now protected agianst the second hand smoke, and only other people are... thats just silly.

  5. Yo man can i buy whatever you're tripping on?

    Secondhand smoke is called SECONDhand because the definition of it is affecting people that are not the smoker of said tobacco smoke.

    Where did you get the idea that smokers think they're protected by secondhand smoke LOL? They're getting much worse, they're getting FIRSThand smoke....

    Anyways, just blizted n dumb, so excuse my idiocy
  6. But regardless, no one should have to be forced to endure secondhand smoke, wether it be tobacco, weed, meth, opium, etc. Gotta have respect for the people too cool for us druggiez and smoke a distance from em if they're bothered unless its in your house
  7. Thanks for the response guys
  8. You can invest in a vaporizer which produces virtually no smoke or smell . I live in an apartment complex with some grumpy ass neighbors and every time I would smoke a blunt they would call the cops.
  9. That's just foul...
    I was looking into a vapor last year but dropped the ball on it and piled up a water bong instead which I rarely EVER USE
  10. I showed them my medi card and said I was abiding by the law by smoking in the privacy if my own home... I currently own an ez vape and love it.
  11. Don't smoke tobacco in the house period man it'll make your walls and ceiling gross even a blunt wrap, or at least sit by a window or something to be safer

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