Smoking In Graveyard

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  1. This story is a bit old, but none the less and good one.

    So theres this graveyard in the next town over from mine, its right on a main road, but if you sneak back there in your car its a real chill smoking place. So anyways the story takes place the SECOND time drive roll back there to toke up, yes we had smoked there probably an hour before with some other friends. So the 5 of us drive back there, and right as we are about to enter the little enclosure of trees at the back of the graveyard, I turn my head around and look in back of us just for the hell of it to see if anyones around, and I get an eyeful of a parked cruiser wityh all its lights off. "dude theres a fucking cop right there." My exact words. So once I said that everyones like "oh fuck" you know, what everyone does. So we continue to drive threw the path cause it leads back into the graveyard and back out to the main road. So as we come out of the enclosure the police car has its lights on and is just sitting there, we drive right by him, pull out on to the main road, and boom he turns on his flashing lights. Now I'll tell you the contents of the car, not horrible but still, I had somewhere around a 8th, my buddy had his bong, and somewhere around an 8th, another kid had his bubbler, and the owner of the car had his own weed and own pieces. So we're all trying to hide our shit best we can. The cops comes over takes the driver out of the car, starts questioning him "what you doing in the back of the graveyard" driver:"(stoned)ummm iduno just hanging out" police:"you like to hang out in graveyards?" driver:"mmm i duno somtimes." police:"what do u do back there?" driver:"ugh, just walk around, look at stuff."

    At this point its fucking hilarious that hes saying such general sketchy shit. So to finish up the story quick, cause not much more action happens after that.

    He ends up just looking through my buddies backpack and finding his bong(still wet from previous smoke session) the cop decides since we arent even from his town, that hes gonna LET US GO. "go back to your town and do whatever u do, I dont wanna see u guys doing this kinda stuff around here again"

    all in all we lost one decent bong. and a couple pairs of underwear.

    (look i tried to crack a funny)
  2. lol. thats hillarious bro. good thing you got away.
  3. Reminds me of when I was in high school. We had a graveyard that bordered the tennis courts at our high school. If we went to, say, a football game or a theatre production at night, my friends and I would sneak over to the graveyard and spark one up. We always smoked at the same grave, too. The headstone had only one word on it, engraved nicely and without any dates or epitaphs: SAVAGE. I should email my friends to see if they know if the headstone's still there... :D
  4. Good job on avoding the possible arrest. Shit like that can be scary at times.
  5. 420 you sir are one one lucky bastard ;)

    hey btw i notice it says your from the boston area. if you don't mind me asking whereabouts?

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