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Smoking In Foreclosed Home?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by tom127, May 31, 2013.

  1. So my friend recently moved out of his house but he still has the keys to it, making it the perfect place for a quick smoke session. I'm concerned however if this might be too risky with cops. What do you guys think? It would only be around 6 people, we would be in and out in around 20 minutes and we wouldn't be loud/obnoxious. house is in the suburbs btw, and his neighbors know him, its just that he hasnt been living there for like 2 months

  2. I would say no problem, but with 6 people you might attract attention.  Neighbors will likely know the house is unoccupied so don't make yourselves known, no lights at all or you are asking for trouble
  3. First off, we need to know your age to know if you'll be running into legal trouble
  4. everyone's 18. I'm in new york so we would all get into legal trouble for possession/trespassing if we got caught
  5. If they have done the actual foreclosure, changing the locks would be one of the steps. :smoke:
  6. haha that's a good point! I guess if we can't get into the house then I have nothing to worry about! if cops do show up we're just gonna play it dumb and do the whole "Im so sorry, I thought my parents still owned the home" thing and hope they can't smell the herb
  7. Hope they can't smell the herb? Bahahaha. Dude you just blazed in a house. Of course they would smell it!
  8. I'd say you're good but if the cops find you, you can't say, "Thought my parents still owned the home. Had NO IDEA IT WAS FORECLOSED," that's just stupid.
  9. I've done this. Never had a problem yet. During the day you'd wanna watch out for real estate agents showing the house though.  
  10. If they changed the lock, guarantee it'll be some cheap grade-3 residential lockset. Get your hands on a pick and wrench or improvise...they're beyond easy to open.
    Of course then you're adding possession of burglary tools, and B&E or Burglary itself depending on time of day. Probably up to a felony at this point, depending on where you hail from. How's the risk vs reward looking so far?
  11. yeah I just got home, we smoked at the house, and nothing bad happened so thats good. We did have to leave early though because some of the girls that were smoking with us were getting pretty paranoid. Thanks for the tips guys  :smoke:
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    Have you heard of squatting??

    I AM FROM CALIFORNIA! The laws may be different.

    That being said; Tell the officer you are living there. Easy as that. If the house was foreclosed, then the bank owns it. You can live there until

    1. The bank will give you a 30 day notice
    2. The bank will actually PAY you to leave
    3. They will "threaten" to call the police(which won't do a damn thing)

    So happy smoking in your brand new apartment :)

    Sources: been there, done that.

    Edit: even if your parents already got the eviction notice, if you're over 18, you're a new tenant
  13. If you get caught you'll most likely be charged with breaking & entering even if you don't break anything. Happened to me and a friend we saw this abandoned house we didn't break in the front door was just open but I we still were charged with breaking & entering. The cop also took away our bong. :(
  14. Bad idea, the only times I've ever been messed with by cops, is because I was with friends and they had the bright idea to go onto property that isn't theirs. If it works cool but you said he hasn't lived there for 2 months, I would suggest to just smoke somewhere else, I've never lived in the suburbs but they seem to me like the type of people that would call cops 
  15. If he owns the house and it hasn't been taken by the bank, he can be there. I'm currently living in a foreclosed home (will be buying it when the bank is ready to actually settle, I don't know if that makes a difference) but the police know the home is being foreclosed and put notice on our door last year, were here with no issues because the owner still owns the home.
  16. I'd do it. When my family moved out of our house in the suburbs, me and my brothers went back one night and threw a huge ass party with like 20+ people. It was loud, crazy, awesome, fights broke out, people smoking in rooms, fucking in others...

    Crazy to think I used to do shit like that, and now I wouldn't want anything to do with a house party ( I can go to a bar, or get wasted at home).

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