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Smoking in dorm room?

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by ColoRADo5280, Oct 3, 2017.

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    any time cheese, if you disagreed about the incense comment I did put if the dorm was laid back it might be cool but I'm sure you missed that.
  2. Sounds like a good way to get kicked out of the dorm, and possibly school...
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  3. I used to stuff an empty toilet paper roll with dryer sheets or cologne sprayed toilet paper when smell was an issue. Doing this in the bathroom with a hot shower and the fart fan running works extremely well. Ive used the toilet paper roll thing in the school bathrooms, barracks and hotels. The only issue is taking too big of a pull and choking. The key is exhaling as slow as possible through the tube.

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  4. lol this is funny but I agree on it. If you don't like your school try this out.

    if i learned anything from this site, its not to smoke in the dorm room.
    if you dont get caught today, you may
    tomorrow, and if not tomorrow, next week
    you'll get kicked out of school and everything you done for the last 12 years will be thrown out the door, plus the 30 g's your parents spent on you is gone.
    the school will blow it out of proportion and will make an example out of you
    you may get lucky, but then your on the

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  6. i was in jail one time and we were smoking in our tank. it was just a small six person cell. everyone was cool.(i wonder why) one of them was on work release so he always brought back a joint. wait for the jailer to walk by and then we would burn a bag of popcorn in the microwave until it caught fire then spark up, blow out of the return air vent. when the next guy walked by, he would just smell a burnt bag of popcorn lol...damm that shit stanked
  7. I see but I didn’t ask if I should or not I just asked what is the most fool proof method and I talked to one of my friends that smokes in his room all the time and the manager of the dorm dousnt care for some reason.

  8. Good stuff man brunt popcorn douse smell pretty bad. Maybe I’ll try that if incenses aren’t allowed in my dorm.
  9. I've heard of people exhaling into the toilet as they flush it in jail. The smell of burnt popcorn might be the final straw in making incarceration unbearable to me. :)

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    Indoor organic
  10. just go sit in your car and smoke. find a good parking spot where ur not super visible and smoke a quick bowl or two.
  11. I disagreed about the content of your post, it's not a personal attack. I would have loved to have responded to what you wrote above but it is so grammatically flawed it's difficult to decipher what your point was.
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  12. Wait it out two weeks to see how chill everything is on your dorm floor. Mine is extremely relaxed but we still make sure if we smoke inside we leave no smell. I actually think it's safer smoking within your dorm as long as you find a way to make sure no smell escapes. It's not that hard. We use smoke buddies. What I do, I get my pipe, take a rip and blow the smoke thru my smoke buddy into my refrigerator and shut it. No smell + plus you're baked in about 5-10 minutes. I'm also far away from my CA's room. CA being your floor manager or whatever so that helps too.

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  13. even if incences are allowed. i wouldnt do them
    most people who use theis to cover up their smoke smell so the people who will fuck with you, allready know
    they may not be able to prove it, but they will know....

    another thing to use is charcoal filters or something to clean the air for after you smoke
    your not going to smell it but its there, and it builds up over time
  14. u know. that is so true. it is alot safer inside your room. idk, outside is a bit more open, and more people around, more things out of your control. but inside, you are cornered, i guess you gota have a perfect foolproof way to get rid of the smoke quickly. that would be a good invention...
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  15. but then his car is going to smell inside. if he gets pulled over a few days later the cop will smell it and has a reason to fuck with him. i would drive around and smoke a bowl. blow the smoke out the window
    i like parking garages.
    my favorite is at the galleria mall on the top floor of one of their garages...the smoke just blows away and its up high so now one below will smell it, hopefully..

  16. but the weed made it so much beter lol
  17. eh, if you use common sense you'll just open the windows and air the car out the next time you go for a drive. also, just dont bring any weed related items with you when you drive. the cops can search all they want but wont find anything.
  18. well i found if i leave the windows open during the session the smoke still circulates around and it smells

    but if i keep the window up and only roll it down to blow out, wait a few seconds and roll it up and repeat each hit
    when im done i go for a long drive with all the windows down
    you also have to be going fast enough
    and sometimes the wind conditions can have an effect
    just my experiences, eeryones is dffffrent
  19. Carbon filter, smoke buddy, one gel, sealed room, one hitters. You need to stop any chance of the bow to cherry and snap it. Blow smoke through smoke buddy into carbon filter pass on a gel. Get the buck of ona gel. I can guarantee this method one hundred percent fool proof, of you grab the cherry before it lets off smoke. If your not even on campus, then there’s really nothing to worry about. Your name is Colorado, I’m guessing you live there? Remember, with legalization comes some lenience, especially in your area. Don’t go smoking in your car, great way to get a DWI. Even if your parked. Taking a walk sucks because I’m assuming your trying to relax and smoke in a certain environment being your dorm. Follow my steps and you’ll be good. I’ve tested this on 3 campuses visiting friends.Never got caught. They put their trust in me and so should you. Maybe :smoke: not saying you can’t fuck it up.
  20. Gotta feel it out, man. For example, my RA freshman year at Michigan State was a 5th year med student, and was neck-deep in schoolwork and his girlfriend’s panties...so he didn’t give a shit about what we were doing in our dorm room. My roommates and I were able to smoke to our heart’s content. However, a good friend of mine who lived across campus had an RA who was a lot more strict about that shit. Wouldn’t dare to smoke in his dorm because if we even had a bag of dank, we had to make sure it was in a airtight jar so it didn’t smell at all.

    Feel it out. Also, what’s so bad about rolling up or packing a bowl and finding a safe space outside to smoke? Good luck!

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