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Smoking in bedroom questions

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by LitHealer, Jul 11, 2012.

  1. hi, im new to the forums and i know i am going to get shit for not using the "search" function but i have done quite a bit of research on these forums about this, just need the final questions answered.

    so basically my scenario is this:

    i am looking to start getting lit in my room late at night for the summer because i have sort of an anxiety problem and it helps me sleep much better :D but i live in a bungalow house, and my room is at the far end of the hallway and my sister and mother's room is just outside mine. (i live with my mom) i have it all planned out and my routine would go like this,

    1. wait till about 1:30am when i know for sure they are both asleep
    2. put a towel under the crack of my door and vent
    3. sit by my window, and i have a window fan that faces outward which acts as an exhaust to pull the air outside
    4. take a hit from my pipe and cover the bowl with my thumb after so no smoke goes in the air
    5. breath through my super sploof i made out of two conjoined water bottles and 15+ bounce sheets :cool: and blow through the sploof into the back of the fan which will be carried outside

    im thinking this would work very well and id have the rest of the night for the room to air out but is there any flaws im missing?? and if any sell by chance leaks out the door would it be strong enough to seep into their rooms too?

    also my window is directly across from my neighbours window but i have never seen anyone in that room, and i have that stuff on my windows where it blurs it and no one can see in

    appreciate any help, thanks! :smoke:
  2. :wave::hello: Well first of welcome to GC

    putting the towel under your door is good, blocks smell and sound.
    Blowing it out the window and using a sploof should cover your smoke. Just burn a candle or some incence, get gum for your breath, eyedrops and colonge. Thats mainly for if your doing this when someone is awake. Keep your pipe clean and the ash thrown away too. but other than that is seems like a good setup
  3. I do the exatct same thing but without the sploof ( fuck sploofs) just blow the smoke out the window and youll be fine bro
  4. Or go outside.. Doesn't seem worth the trouble just for a quick high before bed.

  5. oh true i forgot about the insense or ash but ill make sure of that!

    i know outside would be easy but the thing is with my house, if i go out the front door my moms room's window is legit 20cm to the left of the front door because the house is setup that way so she would hear me with her open window, and my backyard has no privacy whatsoever so it would look sketchy i assume :(
  6. hey that sounds like a pretty perfect plan but the one thing i would change is, instead of using your thumb to cover the bowl i would use a quarter.

    so you don't burn your thumb incase it's cherried. :smoke:
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    I don't think you need to take that many precautions fan and the towel are all you need even when your finger isn't covering the bowl the smoke will mostly go outside. and even if a little stays in your room it won't smell up.. I remember this one time a long time ago I was smoking joint after joint in my room and my sis walks in I was able to hide the joint and she didn't smell anything because i had two windows open. Also you could go in your backyard if it's late at night because nobody else is out that late anyways and if your mom where to come out you would be able to listen for someone trying to get outside and just say you can't sleep. There's a thin line between being cautious and being paranoid.
  8. Just be sure that the gap at the bottom of your door isn't too big. Mine is and whenever I put a towel down, anyone walking down the hall can see that something has been shoved in the crack there, because light leaks out of the other side of the door. But if they sleep pretty soundly and don't wake up in the middle of the night and walk by your room, you're set.
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    the problem is im 18 and i have no skill whatsoever with tools lol

    will do :metal:

    well i want to be sure just because i know if i ever got caught... oh boy, 2 hours of lecture is what i'd get

  10. i dont think they would wake up unless its for the bathroom in which case i might be shit out of luck if they smell it...
  11. [quote name='LitHealer']the problem is im 17 and i have no skill whatsoever with tools lol

    um, i wouldnt say that if i were you, maybe you misstyped that and meant 18? i dont know. but, yeah your setup is fools proof, go for it :D
  12. you have to be 18 to be on these forums . so incoming BAN HAMMER.[​IMG]

  13. lol nice photo

    bit paranoid there but all that will work 110 percent

    Personally i just smoke when theyve said goodnight, i just turn fan on, anything to block the door crack then blow directly out my window. If it smells afterwards i turn the fan on SUPER DUPER SPEED and spray deo into it. Works 90 percent of the time, all the time! Nah its foolproof for me

  14. :rolleyes: good thing that register button is looking extra shiny and i have a few extra emails! :hello:

  15. You are golden man. This is all you need.

  16. yea im not worried really but i guess it's just because its going to be my first time smoking in my room when they are here, ive smoked in the washroom without my mom home and that was a mistake... smoked a j and the entire house smelt for half a day, i was going nuts :p when i shut my door i can feel tons of pressure so i believe the smell wont be going out that door at ALL
  17. u can use a long tube so you are sure that there is no smoking comming back in ur room :p and u can try to see which cent fit the best to block the smoke xD for my bong bowl ,01 cent CAD is da best :D
  18. well all this information is super helpful and i believe this will be a master stealth act if i can pull it off, it's been a week or so since ive been high and im feeling a little depressed, just curious though... has anyone tried something like this and it didn't go so well for them?
  19. You dont even need half that shit tbh. All I used to do was open my window and stand right at it, smoke the pipe or bong (NOT a joint, that stinks up everything) and hit it then cover it and lean right out the window to blow out the smoke. I used to do this so much and I never got caught even with my mum walking into the room after and she definatly knows what weed smells like.

    Also the towel thing looks kind of dodgey cause you can see it from the other side so you'd probably be better off without it, no smell even gets into the room if you use my method

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