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Discussion in 'General' started by yota420, Aug 25, 2008.

  1. I have a bathroom that attatches to my room and the only door to it opens to my room. I usually sneak outside the window and smoke but that is a pain in the ass (and i got busted by my stepdad a few nights ago). How safe do you think it is to take maybe 5 hits in my bathroom with the fan on at night? Do bathroom fans go straight outside?
    If i smoke at night it would be atleast 8 hours until anyone goes into my room or bathroom... im just worried about it smelling right after i smoke.
    So what do you think is a better option, going outside (window is loud and has a screen that is a pita) or smoking in the bathroom?
    Oh and there isnt a window in my bathroom
  2. do that thing where you blow through a empty toilet paper roll and fabric softner sheet
  3. no window is kinda a bad idea, cuz the smoke has nowhere to go. if by bathroom fan you mean a vent that you can turn on and it blows air outside, then you're prolly good...

    if you do tho, deff use a sploof (see post above mine ^^). These are very effective, but I've only ever used them in addition to blowing out a window...
  4. if you have what is known as a Cranberry bathroom (because it lingers)

    dont risk it,

    then again. .

    he's not your real dad so what the fuck are you afraid of him for?
  5. i also live with my mom
  6. Another thing is exhale into a wet washcloth...
    it will probably end up smelling.. but wash it with soap or something and you should be good.
  7. Yeah just do it, you'll be fine if you have the fan on.

  8. touche. . .

    smoker her up in return for a vow of silence?
  9. im worried about her finding out, not my stepdad
  10. Do you shower at night? You could just be very careful smoking in the bathroom before taking a shower. Towel blocking off the bottom of the door, vent on, sploof, use a bowl or bong not a blunt or joint, maybe even spray some fabreeze or something. Then take a nice hot shower and use plenty of soap and shampoo and make the bathroom smell shower fresh.

    I sometimes do that, only without a sploof...and I don't have my own bathroom. Never been caught. Granted I do it when nobodys home, but it's never smelled right after so I don't think you should have a problem if you do that.

    Also...I recommend making a waterfall...a little bit of bud will get you pretty fucked up and the smoke goes into the bottle and then into your lungs, so it shouldnt smell too much if you use a sploof.
  11. I second the post above me to use a waterfall bong they allow all the smoke to be contained in the bottle and you can sploof the hit
  12. dude, ure 18 or older, u can do whatever u want, ure are adult and if your parents dont like that well thats their problem not yours...

    unless ure actually under 18 (alot of people break this kind of rules) well 2 things u need
    one is febreeze so just spray it every 5 mins
    two is turn your fan on and keep it runnin till 5 mins after u finish smokin

    or u can smoke in the bathroom then take a shower
    it will get rid of the smell
  13. Oh i meant i will be leaving the fan on all night... i do it everynight so my little brother doesnt wake me up
  14. Yeah dude just blow it out the window while you're taking a shower and put a towel under the door
  15. I think you're the underage one here. Nothing in the OP showed anything that makes him seem underage. I'm 19 years old and I live with my parents still...and yea, I can do whatever I want I guess...but if I'm living in their house I have to respect their rules. So it's not their problem.

    And you shouldn't really be accusing the guy of being underage and then helping him out.
  16. hey man, i do this all the time. Just blaze before your shower and the fan and steam will clear it. Cant take a shower? just stand on the toilet (or side of shower, etc.) and blow your hit in if necessary. Leave the fan on when youre done. you will have NO problem whatsoever

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