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Smoking In Bathroom Help!

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by irock1336, Aug 11, 2011.

  1. ok :)
  2. Dude seriously? How old are you bro? You shouldn't have to sneak out the house, wtf? =/
  3. Put a towel under the door
  4. no need to resteam just start the water for a shower let steam up take a shower and the smells gone
  5. If you have the shower running, open the window and use a sploof you should be okay
  6. I recommend buying ozium and using that instead of febreeze.
  7. i just graduated high school and my parents dont want me out past 11:30 untill i move out and i could go out earlier but my parents caught me smoking before so they are suspicious plus i just wanna smoke then chill here
  8. its pretty much the same thing i thought
  9. Don't believe everybody on here. I smoked in my bathroom and sometimes it worked like a charm, other times it failed on me, though my parents never really caught on, just said it smelled, "different".

    I did NOT spray febreeze though, so after you do that your gunna be good. I just took a shower after with the window open and let it got steamy as fuck.
  10. I just smoked in my bathroom this morning. I swear to God, there wasn't ANY smell anywhere in my bathroom once I finished showering.

    I do this: Fog up bathroom, open window, blow smoke out the window, close window, turn on fan, lower temperature in shower, take shower.

    Works for me everytime.
  11. are u using a sploof?
  12. k when i was going to college i just smoked in my room and blew SLOWLY out the window using a one hitter which i still use.
  13. also just smoke in the bathroom when you are in the shower and just turn on the fan and say so that there isn't steam use a sploof if you are too scared
  14. Just cover the doors with a towel, blaze up, make sure to exhale all your hits onto a towel ( which is sprayed by cologne ). Take very small hits so you make sure to inhale and hold that smoke in. After your done, put the water on hot ( to create steam ) keep door covered, let it sit there for 5 minutes ( collecting steam ) then take a normal shower, use lots of shampoo for smell and That's it.
  15. #35 BloodLust, Aug 11, 2011
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    True in fact my dad gets pissed if I dont use a fan because the paint starts to peel off the walls if you keep it steamy for an hour every day.
  16. No, because sploofs don't always work, though they help a little bit, at least what I think.

    Just smoke while your family is sleeping, less chance of them coming into the bathroom and even if they do smell something, there gunna be tired as shit to even care/remember the next morning.
  17. If you plan on blowing the smoke out of the window then you don't even need to steam it up, just make sure the smoke isn't blowing back inside. Don't forget to smother the cherry after each hit! :smoke:
  18. I personally think you are taking too many precautions. If you shower, the steam will neutralize the smell. Just shower and use body wash, then it will for sure be gone. If you just open up your window and blow smoke that way, then just spray a spritz of febreeze and your golden.
  19. All I do is go in the shower run the water for like 5 minutes and then smoke and when your done just take a regular shower and keep the fart fan on you'll be fine
    I didnt use a sploof, febreese or window and they never even know
  20. My bathroom doesn't have a window, so ...Kinda hard

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