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Smoking In An Apartment

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by GoodVibesOnly, May 28, 2013.

  1. I'm sure this question has been asked many times on here before, but I registered here recently so I thought I'd ask.
    I live on the 10th floor of an 11-floor apartment, and have always been worried about smoking in it just because of the smell. 
    In general, how dangerous is it to smoke in an apartment? Am I just being overly paranoid? Also, are there any tips you guys have for masking the smell? Thanks in advance for anyone's help, it'd be greatly appreciated.
    Also-- I'll be using a pipe, if that changes anything.

  2. haha it will usually smell up the apartment/hallway.  i've had dealers that lived in apartments and it always smelled outside of there door
  3. Dude, you're good in my opinion. You got lucky getting a top floor, but just to be safe of the people above you, smoke out the window. Not the whole "oh I need a sploof, bottle of cologne, while in a shower" type thing. No, just crack a window and blow the smoke into it, and if the wind is blowing the smoke back in, point a fan in the direction of the window, or better yet on the windowsill.
  4. call your landlord and just politely ask if she's ok with the use of incense. If its okay then the smell probably wont even be questioned, and if youre worried just light up a stick of incense and it covers it up perfectly. :p
  5. Your paranoid, blow the fuck down!
  6. First, check if your bathroom has ventilation. If it doesn't then you're in the clear: all you need to do is stuff a wet towel under the door and smoke in there. When you're done, leave the bathroom and close the door behind you. Very unlikely ANYONE will smell anything at that point.
  7. I live on the top floor in my apartment building. What I do is I open the window and bug screen and blow it out the window. I put stuff under my room door and spray febreeze around my room after my final toke. None of the neighbors have complained yet, so things are good.
     If you're into smoke tricks, then I advise against them because you can't risk letting some of the smoke linger in the room, you should try to get the smoke out the window as much as possible. Even if you can't smell it as you're in the room, believe me your room will reek especially if it's dank. keeping any visible amount of smoke in the room will just make it worse.
    Finally it also depends where your room is located in your apartment. If your room is close to the front door, then you run the risk of the smell going into the public hallway where it will definitely be a problem if you have active neighbors that cant wait to run their mouth.
  8. sit next to the window and blow it out the window. If you are on the 10th floor, you should not have anything to worry about. Use febreeze when the sesh ends.
  9. Use to smoke in my friend apartment all the time. Just crack a window, bounty blow it and have a fan going towards the window. Maybe light incense and/or spray some febreeze and you should be good. He never got in shit for it the whole 2 years he lived there.
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    i live on a top floor, we keep a fan in the window and the window open at all times. by "all times" i mean 365 days a year i have a single window open in my house. it makes it so there is rarely ever a smell anywhere except in my actual apartment. my logic behind this is simple, you're not smoking ALL the time but there's always fresh air coming in that open window. fan usually goes where my a/c is now, so the a/c is acting as a fan as well.
    and yes, even with the a/c in a window there's still an open window near my door.
    *edit* forgot to add i been in this apartment for 1 year alone and 2 with my fiancee, we've been smoking here since the day i moved in.
  11. if its an apartment you probably have an extractor fan in your bathroom, crank that on an just smoke away but if your a little less paranoid just crack a window an some incense you'll be sorted! :)
  12. Don't forget to make sure your stash is in a sealed container. It would suck to go through all this prep work (window, fans, towels, incense etc) only to have your bud smell up the whole building.
  13. I'm smoking in an apartment right now :bongin: . Granted I live in the basement.
    You should be good. My buddy has a set up similiar to yours. He just tosses a blanket or towel by the door.

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