smoking in a state park?

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  1. I just started toking again after 7 months and I really wanna just go for a walk in my state park with a bowl packed, find a nice spot, toke and then continue enjoying the park. Risk factor? Think anyone will say something if they smell it, or should I be fine?
  2. rangers can be dicks, once a friend and i got caught

    just make sure you have it inside a sealed bag and get far from trails/people. aside from that, it's up to luck
  3. depends. are there alotta cops or people near your skate park ? or are there just skaters and bmxers
  4. [quote name='"420dopeaf"']depends. are there alotta cops or people near your skate park ? or are there just skaters and bmxers[/quote]

    I see what you did there.
  5. I work in a state park and I smoke all the time! There's never a day that goes by that I'm not high or something. I've got drunk on the job quite a few times as well. It's amazing :) Perfect summer job.

  6. Most of the time park rangers have more authority than police at state parks. Like here, they are allowed to search your vehicle or person for any reason, because it's state property. While police would have to have reasonable suspicion.
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  8. [quote name='"nanners"'][/quote]

    Exactly maybe make some edibles or vape. Much less risky because there isn't the same Smokey smell.
    But if you are in a dry state smoking seems kind of careless
  9. Just smoke a joint, nothing on you after
    Not rocket science
  10. I used to go to amnicon falls to smoke. I always talk to the rangers and shit too. Bill and Mike. There's a new girl this year though, haven't talked to her yet. Whenever Mike is on our dicks about jumping off we have one or two people go talk to him and you hear a couple of splashes and he hauls ass to snake pit to see who jumped but by the time he gets there they're climbing out of the water.

    I fucking love that place.
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    I've blazed up in more State and National parks than I care to count and have never had a problem. I of course wasn't stupid about it.
  12. Yeah, the woods is really the easiest place to smoke. Just go out on the trails and get a feel for the place. See how the wind blows, how many people are on certain trails, and where there are hills you can go up. I love to "get high" to get high, so hills are great. If the woods are light just hike off wherever you like. If they're thick, you might have to search around for a place you can go off the trail.

  13. I did exactly this just yesterday at a state park in Minnesota. I had 1 joint in my pocket and after hiking for 10 minutes and not seeing anyone else, I lit it up. I timed my hike so that I would be getting back to the parking lot right at dusk. It's nice not to have to worry about getting busted holding any weed or smoking devices. However, I hardly ever see anyone else hiking on the trails in the park I go to.
  14. Wow.. you guys are really paranoid.. I've been to tons of state parks.. state forests.. national parks.. and national forests.. and every one of them I have gotten high in.. multiple times.. it's no different than not knowing when a cop is gonna come up on you while you're smoking anywhere else.. be smart.. be stealthy.. and be cool.. and all should be fine
  15. ^^ thread full of people saying 'yeah I do it all the time!'

    who is this you guys you speak of lol
  16. if you go to venice skate park ( which is beast ) there should b no problem... kids smokin err where with mad ppl around just watching...
  17. I was in Yellowstone National Park a while back and toked a few times. The only time I saw a ranger was on the road. And plus National Park's are huge take a nice walk and be discreet you should have no problem.
    I didnt and we smoked over a quarter
  18. wow fail totally thought it said "skate park" not state park loooooool
  19. you weren't the first :smoke:
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    yea the only problem iv ever had is people coming up asking to get in on it if its a blunt you get 2 hits, if its a bowl then that depends who im with, what you have, what i have but i generally just end up smoking with a bunch of new people :cool:

    edit- holy shit i though it said skate park.... national park????? toss seeds around while you at it, let make this shit grow:cool:

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