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Smoking in a secluded bathroom

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Gold_Kush, May 19, 2010.

  1. Hey, whats up. My roommate is a good friend of mine, but he can't stand pot. He even threatened to kick me out if he sees me with it again (It's his house). Now, my room has a small half-bathroom in it. Unfortunately, it has no windows, but it has no air-vents either, only a fan. I'm thinking, if I smoke in here, it will smell up the bathroom, but just the bathroom. I really don't care about smelling it up with smoke, as long as it doesn't smell like pot anywhere else. He won't go in there. Other than the fan, which I plan to turn on, there looks like there are no ways for the smoke to enter any other room, except maybe mine faintly. I'm using a one hitter (A fucking pop can until I buy a real one) because blunts give off massive amounts of smoke. So, my questions are these,

    -Can smoke travel through bathroom fans
    -How longs does smoke linger in a secluded room

    I'm thinking, bathrooms are designed to remove any "foul smells" with fans like these, not spread them around the house.

    And also, I've set up my fan to blow out my window, and when I smoke I just blow into the fan or out the window, but It's extremely unconformable because the window is high, and my lighter or matches burn out every-time because of the fucking fan. I wasted about 2.5 grams just trying to be safe with it, so I'm open to any ideals to make my stay with my god damn roommate bearable, if you catch my drift.
  2. the smell is not gonna spread.

    the best thing to do is to take a hot shower after you smoke as the steam will help get rid of the smell
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    Candles, Febreeze, Incense (If Possible) and or Air Purifier and you will be SET. One of the best things you can do if you are trying to cover up the smell of smoke is light a candle 5-10 minutes BEFORE you start you sesh.

    The fan you are blowing into will NOT spread to the rest of the bathrooms. Haha think about what a horrible type of design that would be. One of your buddies takes a shit in the basement bathroom, and you can smell it in the upstairs bathroom while your brushing your teeth. Lol that would be just straight up dumb to do. Usually, all exhaust fans just lead directly outside. Once i saw one of my buddies bathroom fans lead to the garage, but that wasnt even that bad at all.

    Also, when blowing into the fan, make sure you blow slowly into the fan so the smoke doesnt go all of the place. Another big thing is to make sure the cherry on your one hitter (embering/smoking nugg) always gets put out or put up to the fan. This is probably the number 1 reason kids get caught is because they dont think of the smoke pouring out of their bowl after they hit it.

    And keep in mind, this is your friends house. So if you really feel this is going to be a problem with him, then i advise you to A. Not do it at all or B. Move out and find a "Pot Friendly" home. I am assuming you dont pay for rent because you said its his house, so you should be following his rules not your own. Kinda sucks to have a friend who you have to hide your weed from like its your mom huh? I sure as hell could not live with someone like that.

    But overall, yea you could probably get away with it if your not stupid with it. Dont get lazy with covering up the smell, and making sure you get ALL THE SMOKE IN THE FAN. Candles in both your room and the bathroom, and a little spray of febreeze before and after and you should be good to go.

    Good luck man!
  4. Is it worth the risk of getting kicked out? Just go out for a walk or something.
  5. His house, his rules.
    Go outside
  6. You should just go outside.
    If you absolutely must smoke in the house. Do it the way i did in my college dorm.

    1. Plug all doors with a towel
    2.Turn the shower on all the way hot, wait like 3 minutes for the steam to perferate the room.
    3. Exhale into a sploof (it may be called a spoof, w/e idc what its called rly) which is when you stuff the cardboard tube of a finished paper towel roll with dryer sheets and rubberband a final sheet over the front. This will help to mask the smell, making it sort of like fabreeze.
    4. try to take small hits that u wont just caugh out (ghosting is highly recomended)
    5. after your finished, leave the shower on for a short while and spray some fabreeze or glade in the surrounding areas as well as in the room uve smoked.
    6. keep the door closed and plugged for a while after you're done.

    this is the absolute safest way. You could make due with just the first three steps honestly but if its a matter of having a place to live than you may want to take the extra precautions.

  7. Do not ghost, just bad for your health! It can really fck up your lungs
  8. I typically just steam out my bathroom after I toke.
    Works great.
  9. make a spoofy! take the cardboard tube from a paper towel roll or a toilet paper roll. then get a SHIT TON of dryer sheets! lay the dryer sheets out and DRENCH them in perfume or cologne. then take the dryer sheets and stuff them into the cardboard tube. just use a one hitter, and when you exhale, do it into the spoofy. no smell!!!

  10. thiss.
  11. dude just go buy some rolling papers and roll a j and go for a walk
  12. Thanks 419GottaMin?, that's what I thought. My roommate doesn't care about me smoking, just he doesn't like pot, and doesn't wan't to get into trouble. I know I should respect what he said, but he's being a super douche latley. So it's condemed, in my opinion. BTW, I pay for abouy 40% of the rent, because he makes more than me. I respect him enough to leave if he told me to leave,I'm rooming with him and paying, but I asked him to move in. I think I would be alright on my own anyways, I'm planning on moving out in the fall.
  13. Just go outside man, it's definitely not worth getting kicked out over.

    No matter what anyone on GC says, you'd be very lucky to not get caught doing it. Spraying febreeze / burning incense is just going to make it smell like pot and whatever you're spraying / burning.
  14. Shower on full blast hot
    Fan on
    Towel the door
    Wait til steam builds up, smoke
    Use the corner of your lighter to put the cherry out
    When you're done flush cashed weed/bong water in the toilet
    Take a very hot shower, let it steam more
    Fan still on
    Get out, dry off
    Leave fan on

    Daily routine on me, works perfect. And the febreeze wall plugins work the best, citrus.

  15. Agreed. Even though it's aggravating as hell. You're under his roof. Just like I don't want anyone using coke or heroin in my apartment. Leave that shit in your vehicle and whenever you feel the need to use, get the fuck outside.
  16. Use a sploof!!! quick and easy
  17. go for it man!
  18. You should get a vaporizer, it would save you much hassle. theres absoulute no smell.

    Magic-Flight Launch Box is the best starter vape and its really small so you can hide it if you need to
  19. dude the fan is a vent...
    just go outside and smoke
  20. You deff shouldn't risk losing his trust further more. Start taking walks and smoke joints. Out of respect.

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