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Smoking in a hotel room

Discussion in 'Tokers Q&A' started by rdawg, Apr 25, 2012.

  1. Okay, here's the thing.
    Hypothetically, I were in a room of a four star hotel with my friends and we are smoking, what can we do if one of the other guests smells it and calls the cops/the manager?

    1)Like with houses and flats, are we required to let them in, since it's not our property and we are currently residing there?
    2) If there is no reasonable doubt (f.e. the smell, weed and bongs lying around), do the cops have the right to come in?
    3) If we are clearly high, like laughing and our eyes are red, can they pin something on us?
    4)Let's say, if they are not cops, and they're managers/cleaning ladies/security guards, do they have any right and do we have to let them in?
    5)They can't touch our belongings wo a warrant or reasonable doubt, unless we let them?

    I know it's a stupid idea, my friend it suggesting we do it, so I wanted to ask you guys and seek advice.
  2. Get a hotel with a smoking room and open the window and if they have a fan have it aim out of it. It should at least keep the smell with in your room so no one should notice. Also don't smoke blunts or jays they reek if you smoke them inside. Good luck and have a fun trip wherever your going.
  3. what country? us or serbia or what? the laws and policies differ everywhere
  4. Hmm couldn't say, but you can consider getting one with a balcony.

    Person has a point about whether its in USA or Serbia.
  5. It's Serbia, I read our laws about weed a couple of times but there just isn't anything specific, so you basically never know.
  6. open a window, spray something and put a towel over the space at the bottom of the door.
    make sure you're in a room were you can smoke cigarettes, if not then just go outside or something..
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    I deliver room service at a hotel and I can tell you that pretty much any employee that is given permission from a manager can enter a room. We cannot touch anyone's stuff without the guest's permission or open any bags. However, this doesn't include the maids picking up clothes or other things in plain sight when they are cleaning. At the hotel I work at I can tell you that no employees or managers really care about weed unless people are complaining, they will just smack you with the cleaning fee if it smells when you leave. Although how strict the hotel is can vary from hotel to hotel. But I can tell you as a hotel employee of 2 years that I have never known of anyone to snitch about weed even when we enter the room and see/smell it. (some people don't give a shit and will just leave it out on the table when I am delivering room service)

    United States
  8. i'v never had a problem, but i don't know about serbia
  9. Do it, Yolo!
  10. if you're really worried about it why don't you go for a little walk and smoke outside?
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    Others gave some good answers. I can answer the rest of your questions based on how it would work in the US
    1) Most definitely
    2) 99% sure yes, if they can see it or smell it, same way as if you're in a car
    3) Not from that by itself no. That just attracts a little attention, nothing big
    4) The guy who works at a Hotel answered this, but my experience is that service/cleaning staff won't come in if you hang a do not disturb or tell them you're busy. If they're coming in to yell at you about smoking weed in the room, they've probably already rung your room phone to tell you.
    5) Hotel guy answered it too. The people who work at the hotel aren't interested in going through your things here, too much liability so they leave that to the police

    If possessing and smoking a few joints is more of a crime in your country than a cash fine, loss of your license for a year, or a week of jail, then I would expect these answers to change, for the worse. How harsh is your country on weed?

    I've done it in a hotel before and the guys above are spot on - get as much of that shit out the window as fast as you can, cause at the end of the day you don't want to get stuck paying them for cleaning the smell... the rest is paranoia and controlling yourself; I don't smoke with people who can't control themselves high
  12. i have been in the hospitality industry for most of my life since that is a family thing. the room can be entered at any time if the manager, owner wants. it is not your property. you rented the room. everyone i know that is in the biz dont care about cannnabis. if someone complains you can say you were smoking a cigarette. get a smoking room, smoke outside if possible. use a window, hot water in the shower or something. seal the door with a towel. you should not worry but i dont know about serbia. that is a different story.
  13. Hmmm, the problem is that my country isn't thaat harsh on weed but you just have to be informed about the cop activity in a certain area. For example, a lot of people push in my hood so police patrol it regularly and often stop you for no reason.. That's why I always smoke in parts of the city that aren't known for push and stoners hanging out...

    Well, you can never know.. There are grumpy old people everywhere and you just can't be sure...

    And also, how the hell can they charge you for cleaning the smell from the room? Can't they just open the fucking window or spray some air-freshner?
  14. For my bachelor party we stayed at the Hyatt on Sunset Blvd, CA and we blazed in the room whenever we wanted. We had managers at our room a couple times to tell us to quiet down (after the bars closed) and they didn't say a thing...never called the cops.

    Same thing happened for my buddies Bachelor party in San Diego at Hard Rock hotel...we had a suite and blazed it up the whole time and no one cared. If you are paying for a nice hotel...the less they care in my experience. It's just a plant and most of the workers probably partake also. Its important to note that niether of these rooms were smoking rooms and no $500 cleaning fee for smoking in the rooms was issued. Weed smoke doesn't stick around like tobacco smoke.

    In America its really chill to smoke herb in a nice hotel...as for Serbia...I have no clue.

  15. "Yolo" is one of the quickest ways to get into trouble. But if OP don't care then go for it.
  16. Edit... cause I'm a moron...

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