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Smoking in a Garage

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by rschalk117, Feb 10, 2011.

  1. So me and my buddies always burn a bunch on the weekends,
    and since my house is pretty decked out, we go to my house to the garage,
    and burn outside in the backyard.
    but if i had the back garage door open and smoked in the garage (no joints or blunts cuz of running smoke)
    how long would it take for the smoke to leave?
  2. If you have a decently sized garage, there really shouldn't be a lingering smell at all.
  3. Probably not very long, I would even say that there could be no real smell at all.
  4. i always think weed smells more than it really does.
    my garage is a 3 door garage, so u can fit 3 cars in there for size reference.
  5. I smoked with 7-9 people using a variety of pipes and around a quarter of dank over a few hours and didnt particularly notice a smell. The door was up about 1 foot on the garage too.
  6. Yeah, a garage that big with a door open, no one will smell it unless they come in IMMEDIATELY after the session. Even then, I doubt it.
  7. alright fasho thanks guys.
    looks like the garage is gonna get a bit hazey this weekend :)

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