Smoking in a garage?

Discussion in 'General' started by Dazed n Sublime, Mar 21, 2005.

  1. Quick question...if i smoke in the garage rite now (12:00 am) will it smell by morning when my parents go into the garage (6:00 am)
  2. Instead of smoking your garage out, smoke a bathroom that they wont use out. its better that way, just turn on the fan and spray some ax when done.
  3. yeah itll be fine... i used to do that all the time, even around 2 am

  4. - u did it wit the doors down rite?
  5. As long as you dont smoke a blunt you will be good. The damn cigar smell stays forever!

  6. my friend and i would crack the garage door a bit, and smoke a good 2-3 grams everynight.. did that for like 8 months and never got caught
  7. Dude itll be fine, Especially in Ohio, Im in MI, and if its cold out, the smells stays for about 35 mins. Unless its a blunt, then it might stink more. First post also, glad to be a new member.
  8. i smoke in the garage while doing laundry, and it NEVER smells. i use a dugout though, so there isn't a lot of escaping smoke. can you get away with cracking the door? if you can, you should be fine

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