Smoking in a closed garage?

Discussion in 'General' started by sfgiants2012, Apr 3, 2013.

  1. If I smoked in a closed garage with a closed, automatic do or with a sploof and using a pipe, how long would the smell last? Would febreze clear it up? And before it is suggested, I can not open the door because it is really loud and would likely wake my parents.
  2. Im sure you'll be fine but dont let it cherry & if you can open a side door to vent the place out :gone:
  3. If you can't vent it out, it's gonna reek. Can you just duck out the back door and smoke outside?
  4. That makes since, I guess I'll just go outside
  5. dude garage is better than outside, its not as cold and theres no wind... just smoke it like a boss... then raise the garage a little, go back inside, chill for 15-20 min, then close the garage... the smell will be gone
  6. Its an automatic garage, so it can only open all the way or not at all, and opening it would be far too loud. Would it reel for 6+ hours even with a pipe and spoof?
  7. dude pull the string and make it manual

    your garage sucks btw if you cant stop it at any level with the button
  8. I'd rather just go outside then risk the noise. But again, WITHOUT opening the door, would it dissipate within 6-7 hours?
  9. smoke in their room..

    that way they smell it all night while they sleep and when they wake up theyre used to it and dont know any different..
  10. I smoke in my garage all the time. It's nice cause you can just open it and air it out really quick after. You can also open it a little and smoke so it doesn't get too stinky.
  11. Update: Smoked using a spoof, smell was completely gone by morning. Definitely doing this more often :smoking:
  12. Buy a handheld vape, smoke anywhere with no smell :smoke:

  13. Any recommendations that can be bought on eBay for under 50?

  14. Right on, sorry for giving you false info. I've never used a sploof before, so I didn't know how effective they were.
  15. my 2 cents:
    op, you are starting just like i did.
    believe me, youll get more confident with time, and eventually get caught.
    i used to be sure that i would always be on the down low, and the longer you keep doing this, the easier it will get to get caught.
  16. You could just blow the smoke out through the vents in the garage door. The smell will be minimal and will be gone within an hour.
  17. Haha true, I thought I was invincible before I got caught, you'll start getting lazy after awhile and you'll start to not notice the smell.. Thats how I got caught.
  18. but yes, just by using a sploof to blow will not avoid smell.
    even with a pipe and taking the whole hit, smoke is bound to remain into the garage and without a escaping hole, it could reek.
    febreeze will mix with the smell, but wont remove it.
    if your parents dont know the smell of weed very much, you can slowly train their nose with a certain perfume and it'll be easier to hide.

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