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smoking in a cheap hotel

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by nahitscool, Nov 14, 2011.

  1. i gotta disapear this thanksgiving because i really dont feel like getting to know my house mates. i plan on buying an 1/8th a hotel/motel room and pizza and just chilling in the room watching tv. do you think ill get caught?
  2. na, its cool. you won't get caught.
  3. can you get one with a balcony?

    i dont think its worth risking for the reasons u plan to do it for
  4. you dont think i could just take deep hits and blow it out the window?
  5. That made me laugh really hard

    I sometimes feel the same way about meeting other people
  6. I feel ya. Should be fine, most cheap places I've stayed at usually say no smoking, but the room is already yellow and ashy. If you can find one of those places with internal hallways and exterior windows, you can smoke all day long. Pack some Febreeze and air freshner if you're really worried about it. Happy holidays, right? Phst.
  7. That sounds like fun. Just make sure you blow it out the window.
  8. just to be clear my new house mates are funking weirdos one of um looks like he could freakout and stab everyone
  9. Also: Get a cheap hooker that hangs outside of those and make her do stupid shit for like 20 minutes then kick her out.
  10. Nah you'll be fine man.

    Alot of hotels even have only "no smoking rooms" And they post signs saying if you smoke, you can be charged 250 bucks for cleaning fees, yada yada yada.

    I smoke in hotels all the time and I've only had a problem once. That one time it was kinda my own fault. Ordered room service a little while after smoking, the delivery girl must have smelled something. because about 20 minutes later hotel security knocked on my door.

    The guy was kind of a dick, but cool. Said he didn't care what I did as long as I wasn't smoking it in the hotel where it could bother other guests.

    If you're that paranoid, put a wet towel in front of the door, or smoke in the bathroom if it has a Vent.
  11. You will be just fine man, I picked up a cheap room in Chicago this weekend, pretty much right in the city and smoke plenty in the room with no problems. Get a smoking room and smoke a couple cigarettes to mask the smell. If you don't smoke maybe burn a couple like incense by the door if you are really freaking out about getting caught.
  12. i dont know how it is where everyone else is, but in my town the cheap hotels all have entrances that u go in from the outside. like they have the rooms side by side, and the door into ur room is outside. so really they cant smell shit like thru the door or anything if the door leads outside.. so i would think ud be good i dont see the smell going thru walls or vents n shit
  13. you'll have to get to know your housemates sooner or later... you do live with them..

  14. Yup. He's gonna either have to learn to live with them or move out.
  15. Sounds like he could use a toke or three. xD
  16. Unless you toke mad blunts all day every day, I doubt it. Will other people smell it? Eh, maybe, but no one is gonna care in such a cheap motel unless you're ridiculous about it.
  17. You'll be fine, I do recommend getting a hotel with doors to the outside. Don't stress about it tho, just enjoy yourself and try to blow the smoke out a window or to a vent or somethin. :smoke:
  18. Really isn't a big problem - Just do what you would to be stealthy any other time.

    Smokebuddy is the best thing for this.
    No smoke.
  19. Use a sploof! Do not use the hot shower trick, you will be able to smell it outside of your room. Towel or not. Get some ozium, also.
  20. I've had multiple hour sesh's in hotels many times (not even cheap hotels) and only had the windows open, as long as u have a smoking room and leave the do not disturb sign up ur golden!

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