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Discussion in 'General' started by Mist425, Sep 7, 2007.

  1. Would it be poor taste to do this? The past couple of days I've been scoping out places outside of my dorm that would be chill to smoke at or at least somewhat concealed. I've come to the conclusion that the best bet is this cemetery that's right down the street from my dorm room: it's huge and there are some woods near the borders of it further in. It just seems like the lopest place to go to avoid campus police and things like that, I mean seriously what cop is gonna spend his nights prowling around a cemetery? But my main question is, would this be a bad thing to do? Respect-wise I mean. I'm not a very religious person but I'm still slightly spiritual. So would this constitute disrespect towards the dead? I'm not really sure and I'd appreciate some other opinions. Thanks.
  2. I actually like smoking in the cemetery. I'm also kinda weird, haha.
  3. Theres no way i'd smoke in a cemetery at night by myself, but ima pussy.
    Respect-wise, i dont see how you would be disrespecting the dead. They're dead.
  4. I've done it quite a few times, I don't find it the least bit wrong.

    It's not like I'm sitting above their bodies doing lines off their tombstone, I'm just enjoying the outdoors and smoking a bowl. Sometimes I even dedicate the bowl to some dead person that I'm smoking near. Here's to you, person I will never meet...
  5. yeah i think it's in poor taste. smoking where people go to pay their respects to their loved ones kinda seems disrespectful to me. i dunno, i dont care if other people do but i personally wouldnt.
  6. Just go ahead an try it. If any of the corpses say something to you about it, you politely leave. Then run...very fast.
  7. man i hope there r some college freshman near me when im layin in da ground n id wnt them to ligt up for meee
  8. But seriously, I don't think it's disrespectful at all, as long as you don't leave any mess. You can sit around and think of what a certain person's life might have been like. You can read tombstones. Afterall, people pay so much for those things, they obviously want someone to see it.
  9. Smoking in a cemetery is fine... I'd do it but there are just way more convenient places to smoke.

    I live in a dorm and I just sit outside and smoke or walk like 100ft and sit by a tree and toke away. Campus police don't do shit except parking tickets at night, least where I am.

  10. god damnit. i totally wanted to come in hear and be the badass and be like yo, their dead, get over it. but you beat me too it. bastard.

    but yea, its cool, i bet it would be an ill place to chief. scary as hell at night, but fun none the less. the dead have no say in this matter.
  11. I see it as paying my respect by smoking up in their memory....but that only really works as an excuse when you know someone in their....:smoke:

    There's actually a cemetery about a half mile from my house thats address is goes by 'the 420 graveyard' lol i used to go there hella....but i don't really any more.....
  12. Of course it is in poor taste.

    Its a final resting place for the dead- not some convienent place for you to smoke.
  13. It's only disrespectful if your ashamed of smoking weed. Would you think its disrespectful to drink a glass of water in a cemetery? or smoke a cigarette?


  14. I have to agree. I see smoking weed as a perfectly acceptable and morally appropriate activity. Unfortunately some of the living community see it as an offensive act, but the dead? Well, they're a little more open minded.
  15. Whenever I've toked in a cemetery, which was twice, I made it a point to respect the dead.

    I'd go in, and find a tombstone that appealed to me, maybe one that was old, or just unique , and I'd take a moment and dedicate the session to them, and all the others hoping they were in a better place.

    I remember when I was younger, my dad and I would go to my grandfathers grave, and he'd take a beer just so he could have a beer with dad. I don't see it as a respect issue as long as you don't act in a disrespectful manner as you're doing it.
  16. smoking weed is pretty taboo compared to those though. it just comes down to respecting the dead and their families. i'm sure most families wouldn't be upset if they saw someone drinking water near their dead loved one. but a lot of people would be upset if they saw you smoking weed near their dead loved one.
  17. i think its fine. one time me and my cousin smoked in a cemetary and had a contest to see who could find the oldest person. another i was drinkin and rollin at a party and i took a girl out to smoke in the cemetary and we just ran around playing and shit. i think the drad like it if anything. its the most excitment they will see in their monotonous day.

  18. Agreed.

    I've smoked in our cemetery a few times. It's peaceful and I like cemeteries. I've never done it at night, just for the fact that I've had bad experiences being there at night. It's fun, but cops around her will nail you with a hefty fine for being in a cemetery during the night. Me and some friends were just walking around one night and hanging out, then cops came and we fuckin' ran like hell. Long story though.

    My stepmom passed away a few months ago, so usually I dedicate my session to her. Problem is, I've got no idea where her plot is. I've tried and never been able to find it.
  19. My buddies and i smoke in cemetarys all the time. You won't run into people as often. I don't think its disrespectful, its not like your vandalizing anything. You know? Its just a place for bodys. Its not affecting them. :)

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