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smoking illegally before medical use?

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by Recovery1CDR, May 13, 2011.

  1. I was just thinking, does the doctor that you go to, to get said mmj card, would they ask if you used it illegally before and/or could you use that in favor of receiving an mmj card or would they just look down on that like thinkin ah just some punk tryin to sneak through the system?

    its just some question i've had if i ever get the glorious privilege of being examined for an mmj card
  2. Somebody answer this, I have always wanted to know the answer to this as-well.
  3. They shouldn't ask, you can always just say no. But usually people in that situation just say yes a friend recommended it when your sickness was at a bad point and you were looking for relieve and other legals weren't working and you wanted to try it and had sucess.
  4. The place I went to, the doctor asked me if I had previous use.

    I was honest about it and said I had used before and it really helped.

    He was cool with it.
  5. first of i want to live in a non-mmj state. a few years ago i had to have several eye surgeries on my left eye to attempt to fix a very bad rip in my retina. during these trips to the dr.s office/ hospital etc i was asked on several occasions on which drugs i was taking. when my retina dr found out that i smoked mj to help w/ the pain (only way i can describe the pain is imagine a-rod hitting you in the left side of the head as hard as he can multiple times daily) he was concerned about the quality of the product, thc concentration, etc. he did take notes on the inner ocular pressure in my eye during the mass of procedures. when i first started this particular medical procedure i didnt smoke, hell i didnt even like taking pharamuctical medications. we did notice that the pressure in my eye was more controllable when i was smoking pot along with the medicine that was perscribed as compared to the perscribed medicine alone..
  6. lol I went to Kush Doctor. So mines bullshit. I walked in the guy was pretty much like here ya go.
  7. sounds like a real doctor to really take that into consideration !
  8. The only guy I personally know who has a med card was asked if he had smoked before, he said yes and that it helped him better than other meds had. Obviously, it worked for him. Any doctor who would deny a patient the most effective medicine for their ailment based upon prior illegal use doesn't deserve the title, JMHO. :wave:
  9. In general, doctors are not like police... they don't typically care about something like marijuana unless they feel it's going to affect you negatively... I told my PCP that I had been taking adderall prior to prescription because my wellbutrin med was messing with my focus... he wrote me up an rx for daily use even though he knows that I'm only taking it about twice a week during semesters on days I can spend ALL day studying. Otherwise, the focus problem side effect is tolerable.

    btw, it doesn't make sense to me since wellbutrin is also a dopamine agonist primarily.... oh well.

    oh yea, and i smoke along with wellbutrin for bipolar/schizoaffective, whichever it really is.
  10. I am in Michigan.

    I had my appointment in November.

    I was talking to the doctor, he never asked me if I smoked. He was more interested in how long I have been having issues. I started explaining how my sickness happens and he cut me off and said "thats not what I asked, I asked how long this has been going on"

    I said 6 or 7 years and he said ok and kept writing notes.

    In 2005 I was hospitilized because I couldn't urinate. I actually requested a catheder....not many guys would request one unless it was serious right?

    Well I had doctors all around my bed asking me questions. They asked if I used any drugs and I told them that I had smoked marijuana because I had severe nausea. They asked if it helped and I told them that it did help the nausea and pain but I still got sick.

    A little background prior to going to the hospital.

    All of a sudden I got a bad pain in my stomach, started sweating like crazy, vomiting, and I couldn't urinate. Severe pain in my lower back.

    I did wait and hope it went away. It didnt go away and I was vomiting all the fluid I was drinking and I just layed in bed sick for 2 days.

    I ended up going to the hospital because I had to urinate SO BAD but I couldn't.

    I had tons of blood tests done, they determined my kidneys were shutting down and they couldn't figure out why. I was 23 years old and heathy before this.

    They did a Catscan. BUT THEY NEVER TOLD ME THE RESULTS!!!

    They kept me overnight, did a urine 24 hour observation.

    They didn't tell me ANYTHING.

    I think they summed it up as a urinary tract infection, and I was severely dehydrated due to the prior 2-3 days vomiting and sweating like crazy. So they gave me antibiotics and told me to go see a urologist.

    So I did that. I don't think he ever really looked over my medical records because ALL he did was give me Bactrim and told me to take them til they were gone and my "Urinary Tract Infection" should be cleared up.

    So, since 2005 I have been sick numerous times....too many to count.

    Well, late in 2010 after being sick I decided to find out if my issues would qualify under the MMMP. Called a clinic and they said I would need copies of my medical records so I went to the hospital I was at for these issues and I obtained my records.

    Before I had my appointment I was looking at all my papers.

    I mean, I was in the hospital 5 times between December 23-30 2006.....all for the same thing. They NEVER checked into my previous medical records....they just gave me IV and antibiotics.

    So as I was looking in my papers I noticed that there were many papers that indicated Blood, Protein, Keytones and elevated White and Red blood cells in my urine.

    And the Catscan.....revealed....KIDNEY STONES. And the lab tech must have thought it was serious because it is circled and underlined and it says "FOLLOW UP". Nothing. I didn't know anything about kidney stones until november 2010.

    I still have these issues and I also have an ulcer that isn't very nice.

    So soon sometime I am to set up an appointment with another urologist and have another Catscan done to determine the severity and see if they can break it down with an ultrasound or if I will need surgery.

    Hope my input helps out in some way, sorry for the long read.

  11. My Doc asked me, I believe in the evaluation and on the paperwork. Answer honestly how are you supposed to know Cannabis works for you if you have never tried it? Unless you have your general physician referring you.

    Those are basically the two types one of them being a lot more common than an exhausted physician looking at alternatives to pharmaceuticals.

  12. Sounds like you have a case of malpractice to to a lawyer, and find out if it was the Dr or the hospital policies that ignored you past records and omitted info you needed to get relief.
  13. A buddy of mine was in a car accident and it ruined his lower back. He took pain medicine for a number of years and it ended up ruining his stomach lining and so everytime he took them he puked. He tried weed.. it worked.. hes been smoking for a couple years now and has tried to talk to his doctor about it and the doctor because he is a born again christian.. thinks it is wrong to use marijuana and even tho its really the only thing he can do for pain.. he gets denied
  14. Can he change doctors?

    Sounds like he is using his religious beliefs to dictate how he treats patients.

    There is currently a doctor in Michigan who is in trouble regarding MMJ (but I think it is more extensive than that) and I read that this doctor has had personal issues in their life that may cause the doctor to have more compassion for people in pain and distress.

    If its a small town and there are only a few doctors then it might be obvious why your friend switched doctors....but it should be your friend's right to change physicians if he wants.

  15. In California, there are two basic types of MMJ doctors.

    There are the "true believers" who are well educated about the medical facts about cannabis. They want to give you a rec because they have seen what it can do!

    Then there are the "whores"- mostly money-grubbing wash-outs who can't make a real practice work. They will all but give you a rec for being "warm and breathing"! :p They are just in it for the money and want to get you in and out ASAP! They will happily give you the rec, since you will be back in a year to give them MORE money!

    Neither of the two groups will deny you for previous use! :hello:

    I used medically and illegally for over 30 years. My pot doc just asked what methods I used and suggested a vaporizer (got one, LOVE it! :D ).

    Your regular doctor is a whole 'nother story! If you try to get legal through him, be sure to get lots of studies to support your claims! (Click that first link in my sig for 100s of MMJ studies.) You saying it helps, won't cut it with your doctor. :( You saying it helps- with the studies to prove it, might work! :) It increases the odds, anyway. Most doctors, however, have bought into the government line! It will be an up-hill battle, at best, with most doctors.

    (My GP admitted that he used cannabis in med school, but still won't give me a rec! Too scared of the feds! :eek: )

    Best of luck!

    Granny :wave:
  16. i think all mmj doctors expect it. i did for over a year.. my doctor didnt question me about it but if asked i would tell them yes, i have tried it before.. say how it helped you, all that.. they shouldnt hold it against you. things may be different here in cali, though.. lot more lax of an mmj program.
  17. Theres a long wait list for switching doctors apparently. Thats why he just buys it illegally
  18. Hey recovery, I came across this thread and thought maybe you could help me before I make a descision to see my doctor. So recently I have had a small pain in my stomach on the left side. It is not severe pain but deffinately noticeable and almost feels like when you eat too much but its not constant. Also I have had a physical about two weeks ago and just got my results back. I guess I have almost 150mg of protien in my urine and about 90mg of microalbumin? This is way over the recommended amount and ive done some reading online and it says could have something to do with kidneys or infection. I am 20 years old and hate seeing the doctor but it does rorry me a little bit. Just thought maybe jou could help me out since you have some expirience with kidney stones. Could I have them or possibly something more. Pain travels to my back only occasionally maybe 1 or two times in a week.

  19. ahhh no i haven't ever had problems with them, honestly just check with a doctor i got no clue hahaha sorry i'm just useless :smoke:

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