smoking hydrocodone?

Discussion in 'General' started by Lawliet, Sep 12, 2009.

  1. i was wondering if i crush up some hydrocodone and put it on a cigarette or joint, would i get the same effects as poping or snorting it?
  2. You already made a thread earlier about hydrocodone, and again it's in the wrong section..

    Smoking pills? Come on man.. that shit can't be good for your lungs anyways.
  3. Srsly.

    Stick to ganja bro. When you start smoking things that aren't intended to be smoked you're generally going down a bad path.
  4. Jesus dude, what are you 10? Dont snort hydocodone theres so much more tylonel mixed with it than the hydrocodone itself. Fuck hahahahahaha

    Lets roll a Hydrocodone blunt son, n get shmaded!

  5. you will not get very high from smoking it. no where near as high as if you ate it. complete waste. plus it probably has acetaminophen and binders in it as well, and you dont wanna smoke that shit.
  6. This is a forum about weed
  7. Oh OP got banned.

    Stupid thread.
  8. This is the only redeeming feature of this thread.

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