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Smoking Hydrocodone

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by thewhitehouse, Nov 19, 2008.

  1. No, not like crushing up a pill and rolling it up, or even sprinkling it on a bowl. I have a perscription bottle for Hydrocodone syrup that I dip cigarettes in. And Boy, does it give you the best body buzz in the universe.

    But I digress...

    Does anybody know if smoking things dipped in hydrocodone syrup is bad (besides the smoking part)? For instance, smoking menthols causes the mentholatum to crystallize in your lungs, as does sugar.

    Has anybody ever smoked a blunt dipped in hydrocodone syrup?
  2. i've heard of people doin it, never done it myself though and prolly won't.
  3. Sounds like something I'd like to try, but can't ever get that syrup...I've heard of kids breaking up vicodin and put it in cigs, but I'm not sure I would be down for that.
  4. I just dip the tip and smoke that cig. It is like a full on indica. And you feel it almost instantly. I would LOVE to get more of it if I could. And I do NOT do pills, at ALL. I'm against pills personally, but I had a bottle and figured, "hey, why not".
  5. Does smoking Vicodin really work? I have some, theres alot of tylenol in there, is smoking it worth it, jw. Sorry if thats off to topic, the syrup sounds nice wish I had some of that.
  6. so...

    youre against pills... but consuming the same substance through a different route of administration is okay...

    but yeah, i would so smoke the shit out of that syrup, im glad its workin for you :D
  7. yeah, cuz hes against pills.

    when he got a cough, he goes for the the robo syrup, not the robo pills.:smoke:
  8. Exactly my point, its the SAME thing... which is why its fucked up to be against pills if youre just going to drink syrup. :(
  9. I have smoked a blunt where the blunt wrap was soaked in hydrocodene... That was a cool high... I've actually smoked a couple lean blunts... Quite enjoyable :smoke:
  10. i would rather just drink it. prolly hit you hella harder than smoking it
  11. Right on. I don't like takig pills because of something that hapened in the past, so I just go for the syrup. Plus, if you ask for your perscription in a syrup, you can dip your blunts in it.
  12. What could ever have happened to make you dislike pills?
  13. I wouldn't even bother smoking any of it. Drinking the syrup is much more efficient. Just drink it AND then smoke.
  14. Agreed

    Drinking it is going to do so much more than smoking it will, you'll barley feel it when smoked, compared to the full effects of consuming it
  15. My mother is a fricken nazi. thats what.
  16. ive never done anything other then weed and drink really but they gave me some liquid hydrocodone when i got my tonsils taken out and that shit knocked me on my ass. i can def see how people get addicted to that crap

    so you can always go get your tonsils out for some hydrocodone haha
  17. Figures. I got them removed when I was ten. Fuck. Maybe they'll grow back so I can get me some more drugs. lol.
  18. is this kinda the same as dippin a blunt is sizzurp?
  19. Yeah, it is. I REALLY like the body stone I get from it.
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