Smoking hiatus. =(

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  1. To start off, I fucked up. I made a mistake and got caught with 2.5g on me.
    So, I have court April 10th but one good thing is that the herb was all that was put on the report, the blade I had in my pocket was left out ( And was only with me for my protection. God damned bad crime area I was in. ) So, I had to quit tokin' for a while. Hopefully since I was straight forward with the cop, he won't even bother showing up at the court for such a miniscule offense, plus it was my first offense in 18 years.

    so yeah.. The sooner I know what happens to me, the sooner I can smoke up again.
    Good thing though.. My tolerance level is going to be insanely low for the quality I touch. =)

    'til then,

  2. Damn man that blows.. i hope the cop doesnt show up at court, would your charges be dismissed if that is the case?
  3. Yeah. More than likely they'd let me off with a warning.
    the cop was cool as hell to me since I told him that I had the weed and the blade on me and where they were.
  4. Just some advice... don't plead not guilty or else you are gonna be in for a big hassle. I have been to court twice and pleaded guilty and the punishment was a 3 month drug class. This was when I Was a minor though so I dont know about when you become an adult. Probably just a fine or somethin... dont be worried
  5. Oh, I'm not worried in the least. I know it won't be that big of a problem, pleading guilty is only logical and even if the cop does show to court, he'll tell 'em that I was completely cooperative and all. So it's cool.


    PS: Ever smoke herb that was AK 47 + Northern Star ( Sensei Star + northern Lights. )?
    It's crazy. Smoked out of an extended bubbler, and then two joints.
  6. Best of luck to you
  7. thanks. I think tonight was my last night smokin' though. Atleast I got to taste some well worth the money herb. =)


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