"Smoking herb reveals you to yourself"

Discussion in 'Philosophy' started by VoodooChild756, Aug 23, 2007.

  1. Bob Marley said that just for the record. Who here agrees with it? When I smoke weed I can see who I really am. When I'm high I feel like I can see the bigger picture. When I'm blazed I notice things that are always assumed but you never really think about. I wish I could explain more thorougly but I'm blazed... lol Is there anyone else that knows what I mean or am I wierd?
  2. rastafarians understand herb 100%. it makes you know yourself better. especially when ur alone, you think about alot of deep shit.
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  3. i agree 100%. i see myself when im high :D
  4. ^^^ That's a sick tattoo just for the record
  5. thats one of the great things i really appreciate about herb. it allows me to see things the way they really are, including myself.
  6. smoking herb is bad.
  7. I whole-heartedly agree. Weed has shown me all kinds of points of view, and different aspects of things (myself included), but in my case it's gonna be a little diluted, you gotta factor in the acid and mushrooms.
  8. Get out.
  9. i agree with that 100%. herb allows me to bring out every aspect of my personality, enhances my talent(s) ("i can play guitar like a mutha fuckin riot" when high). it brings out the best in me, and in turn i learn more about myself

    fuck. im so dry. i cant get herb till tomorrow. i want understand myself better NOW :p
  10. Indeed, cannabis seems to jumpstart your minds eye and change the way you percieve life and humanity.

    The goal though shouldnt be reliance on cannabis, you should work towards not having to use it in order to think about these things.

    The door has been opened for you, but it is up to you to walk through it.

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  11. I agree to an extent.

    Smoking herb helps a lot, but it takes more work than a few bowls to find yourself.

  12. yup.

    re-opens whole brain, whole knowing. perhaps the very finest example of a facilitatory eventing.
  13. i was just talking to my friend about this--it feels to me that when i'm high, i'm my inner child. i act the way i really am when i'm high... it's just easier.

    of course my friends think that i actually become psychotic when i'm high, so that's probably not a good thing haha

  14. That's odd, I see presidential hopeful Dennis Kucinich when I'm high. He's always eating marshmallows but he never shares. :(
  15. I so relate. I believe we all see each other with a little of our own projections overlapping our image of others. weed helps me to see others and the world as it truly is without adding my interpretation as much.

  16. To me this is the main and best use for any drugs. You shouldn't just be smokin to "get fucked up", any drug you use should be to open your eyes and to percieve the world differently rather then just to get high.
  17. LOL; getting high as a bonus is nothing I complain about though.


  18. just what are you suggesting? you sugjester.

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