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Smoking hash

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by MOPMan, Nov 23, 2011.

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    What is the best way to smoke this hash(other than topping a bowl with it)? I've just been topping bowls with it but I feel like that is not the most effective ways to use it.


    It's is a lil soft and can be shaped.
    P.S. sorry if this is in the wrong section. Also, pic is from my iPhone 4 so it may be shitty.
  2. Topping bowls is a good way to smoke hash.
  3. Could someone tell me what type of hash this is? What would be the best attachment for a bong to smoke that type of hash(other than topping a bowl) . I have a 16" Sheldon Black straight tube

    Thanks for the help :)
  4. ask the dude that sold you it.
    How can we know
  5. Well, generally hash is just hash, isn't it? There aren't any "strains" for hash. It's 100% indica, making you hella stoned. I've smoked so much hash, and it always gave me the same effect. Stoned.

    The best way is to smoke it in a bong or a bowl. You could use tobacco to mix with, making it last longer, and to make it "smoother". If you aren't sure of how you should "prepare" the hash, you could do one of the following:

    - Smash it. Making a fine dust, or little rocks. You decide however you'd like it. I guess if I had to recommend, I'd say make small, nice rocks. You should have some sort of see through bag, making sure that when you smash the hash, using anything blunt, it won't go flying everywhere, wasting it. I usually use ziplock bags, but you don't need those. Just make sure nothing goes missing.

    - Cut it into small rocks with a knife or similar. This can be a bit tricky, but it works like a charm. I'd recommend that you cut it, as if you were using a saw. Not pressing with your knife, because bits fly all around like that. Put some pressure, and sort of saw through it, making small rocks.

    - Warm it up, and rub it with your fingers, making small rocks. This method is the worst one. The two reasons why this is not recommended at all, is that when you warm the hash, it gets soft. This isn't a bad thing, but burning it, you release THC. That's a bad thing. It does work, but like I said. Not the best method.

    The easiest by far is the smashing part, but just make sure that you don't spill any. That sucks.

    If you're mixing it with tobacco, you should roast the tobacco, and pulverize it, sort of. Rubbing it with your fingers, making it into finer tobacco. Remove all the big "branch" looking tobacco, because these will stop the airflow.

    If you're smoking it pure, with no tobacco, use smaller bowls. Take a pinch, and put it in there. If you have too much, you might now be able to burn all of it, not extracting all the THC that you could have.

    You'll figure it out, and it all gets you stoned as shit. If not, then I really have to tell you, that you have some very impotent shit. It's no good. Good luck bro, and if you've got any questions, just ask! :bongin:

    - Serenity
  6. mmm i love me some hash! bowl topping is definitely best as said by others, but break a bit off and vape! if you dont have a vaporizer you can make one easy with a lightbulb, lol its not the absolute best though.
  7. another con to the 3rd option, the oils on the skin sap the thc from the buds, get yourself a snuff grinder perhaps.
  8. Thanks for the help. I was asking more if you could tell what method was used to make the hash by looking at the finished product. I was told it was made from OG Kush but, you know how that name gets thrown around.
    I consider myself very seasoned when it comes to flowers but, I don't know jack when it comes to concentrates. How do nails and oil domes work? Could I make potent oil if what I have is potent?
  9. What I do is I light a cigarette and get the cherry really nice and hot, put my little bott of hash on the cherry, wait for it to start roasting (you can tell right when the hash starts cooking cause the smoke gets much whiter) and then I stick the cigarette into any type of bottle with a hole on the side and just let the hash roast itself and fill the bottle with smoke. The you just take the huge bottle toke, works great.
  10. Instead of topping off a bowl, tear off really small chunks and spread it throughout the MIDDLE of the bowl, mixed evenly with the green. It's what we used to do before we got into dabs.
  11. Hash is.. not 100% indica, there are strains.. the strain it was made from..
  12. i was thinking this too..

    but the rest of the infomation was good :)
  13. Wtf is that?? Actually, I know exactly what that is. Someone used the shitty dry sift kief/ cellophane / rolling pin method.

    There's a ton of ways to smoke that hash.

    1) you can mix a little chunk in a shot glass with some 91% iso. You can "paint" the golden liquid onto rolling papers, blunt wraps, cigars, or cigarettes for a hash infused papers. If done right - letting the papers dry out every 3 mins or so - the papers will get glossy, sticky, and smell like hash.

    2) You can smoke on a bowl, but that's very wasteful. You can also use cig or weed ashes, just don't pull them through and waste.

    3) In a vape on a small bowl of bud.

    4)you can use the shitty glass /pin method, by putting a small chunk on a pin and light it and collect the smoke under a glass and inhaling.

    5) Hot knives

    6)You can buy actual hash pipes, I have 2. I'll post a pic of both ;)

    Ti pad:

  14. I usually prefer to roll spliffs or cocktails (hash+weed), but hot knives does the job real good as well :)
  15. [quote name='"Rasta Haze"']Wtf is that?? Actually, I know exactly what that is. Someone used the shitty dry sift kief/ cellophane / rolling pin method.
    I hope not. The little flower bits you see on the outside are from me putting the hash in a empty weed bag that had hairs and stuff in it. There was no visible plant matter on/in it when I got it.
  16. Snake in the grass. Google it.
  17. I just smoked hash for the first time. Did a real tiny bit without any bud it's still gotten me pretty fucking high. Good shit.

    Edit: Oh and the taste was magical. So smooth and rich.

  18. Well that is true, that they extract it from the trimmings, so if you have OG Kush, then I guess the strain would be OG Kush. But when you have extracted it, there's no way that the hash would be sativa. Even if you'd extracts from a sativa dominated strain. You get hella stoned from hash - indica. I said 100%, though I am not actually sure if it is 100%, but it's not just indica dominated, it's beyond that. You know? If I'm wrong, please correct me, and educate me! This is what I've experienced, but let me know if this isn't correct :rolleyes:

    Peace :smoke:

    - Serenity
  19. This is shit hash though :)

    burn it for a couple of seconds on a key, crumble it with tobacco (mix the piece you have with 4 cigs) minimum a gram of hash in each joint, roll a faty using a cardboard roach and enjoy :)
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    After watching Dab hit videos on youtube I fell in love.

    All of my hash from here on out is going to be dabbed.

    It works best for oils though. But i'm not sure about solid hashes.

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