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Smoking hash

Discussion in 'Apprentice Tokers' started by Poisongage, May 8, 2009.

  1. I know there are many seasoned tokers here on GC and i was wondering what you thought of the different ways to smoke hash.

    Denmark is a hashmans market, so of all the Cannabis i've ever smoked, most of it has been hash. I enjoy hash when it's mixed in a joint with some proper tobacco (not tobacco from cigarrettes). I know some people might say that mixing cannabis with tobacco is ludacris, but hang on.

    I find smoking a hash joint impossible, if it isn't mixed with tobacco. Tobacco substitutes are right up the wrong end, and mixing herb with hash doesn't give you the right hash feel. Of course you could smoke the hash pure, from a pipe or a bong, but that is still not what i am getting at.

    The taste and feel of a hash joint when mixed with some proper tobacco is heavenly. I know many of you might say that tobacco doesn't taste anything like heaven. But when the mixture between hash and tobacco is just right, the taste and smell of the hash completely overrides the tobacco. When i smoke a good hash joint, i can only taste the hash and not the tobacco.

    Ranting aside, now you know how i like to enjoy my hash.

    How do you like it ? :)
  2. Pheasant Under Glass, to wit:

    large,flat rubber eraser with a pin sticking up throught it. Impale a piece of hash on the end of the pin, fire it up and cover with a drinking glass...when glass is filled with smoke tilt the edge and suck the smoke out...nothing but pure hash smoke.
  3. fixed for you
  4. When I do smoke hash which is a rare occasion I like to just smoke it by itself outta a bong.
  5. I can understand the appreciation for fine hash and quality tobacco at the right ratio.

    I never smoke it that way though. I usually just make a pea-sized pancake, and put it on a small bowl.

    "Brocolli beef" we call it. "Hey you got some beef for my brocolli?"
  6. Haha brocolli beef :D

    Clever. I see what you did there. :p
  7. when i smoked hash, my friend heated up two knives on the stove. then he placed the hash on one knife, then touched the other knife to it. when it started smoking i used half of a plastic coke bottle to suck the smoke up. made me feel like such a crack head, but god damn if i wasn't high as shiiiiiiiit
  8. This is GREAT. Nicely said, toke on man. :smoke::smoke:
  9. I like to smoke hash out of a small CLEAN bubbler. Hash joints are nice, but I find that I can rip it way harder from a bubbler. I have smoked hash through a bong, but that it just too strong and doesn't taste as nice.
  10. I like to smoke hash outta a bubbler or most often a dry piece. I like to watch it bubble.
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    I don't smoke tobacco, I don't like it, and it's possible to smoke hash without (for me).

    My method of smoking hash is getting an average waterbottle and burning a small hole in the middle of it, large enough to plug with your finger but small enough to not let smoke leave (with the bottle cap on).
    Anyways, I get some hash, put it on a pin, light it, blow it, and let black smoke come off of the piece. When it does I'll stick the pin in and let the smoke fill the bottle. When the smoke is almost milky inside, almost like a bong hit, unfasten the cap and take a rip.

    To lessen the taste, before you do this you can throw some mouthwash in the bottle, shake it, and pour it out.

    Makes everything taste minty and it gets me everytime


    Edit: I'm on some James Bond shit :smoking:
  12. wrap some squidgy hash around the cig, hot knifing, smoke from a hashpipe, smoke from a bong, pipe, bubbler, roll a whole blunt/joint with pure hash, heck roll with hash mixed with buds, you can make hash oil (the edible type) which you can cook with and get fucked.. or even make brownies n shit..
  13. Has anyone tried vaping hash?

    :confused:It sounds dangerous
  14. vaping hash works, just tastes weird
  15. If you have a swole amount of hash you can actually flatten it out and use it as rolling paper, putting some dank inside
  16. I just smoked some hash out of my bubbler, made an aluminum screen and poke small holes in it, broke the bud up into very small pieces and i am now typing this extremely stoned...
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    I've never heard of rolling a joint in hash, but it sounds like an incredible waste.

    Most any pipe is fine for it.
  18. I don't normally get the chance to smoke hash, but when i do i just press to the side of my bong and rip it. Gotta make sure it doesn't get sucked through.lol
  19. I got some hash, I ended up just gravity bonging it.
  20. smoking a hash joint filled with weed sounds like the best idea ever.. not a waste. if i had that much i would definitely do it.

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