Smoking hash with little to no smell?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Fluffyheaven, Jun 9, 2018.

  1. So i just moved to a new place and have been trying to find some smoking spots but it seems like its impossible, everywhere i go there is people walking their dogs, jogging or other stuff, even when i tried going into the forest here, there were people everywhere!
    I dont really feel like walking hours into to the woods, smoking and then waste my high on the way back..
    I just want to smoke quickly and then go back to what ever im doing at the time.

    I've read a couple threads that mentioned a sploof, but dryer sheets isnt something sold by stores here, so thats kinda out of the question.
    I tried making a small one hitter/pipe last night when i ran out of papers and smoked out my porch window when everyone was sleeping but i cant keep waiting untill then every night either.
    In the day time the neighbours are out on their porches so they would quickly smell it (i think)
    In my old appartment i could smoke indoors without having to care for the smell, but that has changed.

    So how can i smoke during day time with the least amount of smell?
    Is there other ways to reduce smoke/smell?
    If i use more tobacco and less hash, would that make it easier?
    Is there something else than i sploof i can make that would work the same way?
    How long does the hash smell (not weed) linger in the air? (after i smoke i cant tell since everything smells for a while)

    I know a vape would be the best option, but i need to wait a while before i can get my hands on one.

    Is there maybe someone that could reccomend me a small vaporizer that works well with hash?
    (seems like most are for weed, and thats really hard to come by here)

    Sorry for the grammar and stuff, english is not my main language.
    Also if this has been asked before, been googling my ass off but cant seem to find any good answers.
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  2. Hash does smell lol the only time it doesn't really smell is when you're not smoking it...

    It doesn't smell as much as weed does though, I can smoke a J of hash with my backdoor open & it doesn't stink my house out like a J of weed would..

    Why don't you just spark up Infront of people?? Most people don't really care aslong as you don't blow smoke near em
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    Because that would end up in jail time since my country looks at cannabis the same way they look at extremly hard drugs

    I know that it smells either way, but there must be some ways to mask it?
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  4. & using more tobacco then hash won't mask the smell man it'll just change the flavour of your Spliff lol
  5. Where are you from?? & You may want to edit your post talk of other drugs is against the rules lol
  6. How would you end up in jail if you smoke a J before the police get there?? You can't be thrown in jail for being high in public unless you're causing a disturbance...
  7. Scandinavia/Europe.
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  8. Actually, you can.
    The police here doenst need to SEE that you smoke.
    Just someone calling them and saying that they smell it is enough for them to come and do their razzias.
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  9. That's savage lol I'm from the UK it used to be the same here when I first started smoking 10 years ago police would be there in minutes if someone reported smelling weed ect

    Now it's more chilled police don't really bother smokers usually just the drug lords who grow 3000 plants in warehouses lmao

    Can you not smoke by where you live or is there always people around? These days I rarely smoke in public, I just hit the bong/smoke a J before I leave the house
  10. There are always people around, the last weeks we have had between 30-50 degrees celsius so everyone is outside from they wake up untill they go to bed, only time their not is when its raining.
    Thats why im looking for ways to hide the smell in the best possible ways.
    I guess there is a possibility to use the bathroom and some aromatic candles but im not sure where the air gets sucked out from the filter in there and also afraid the smell will stick to the walls, ceiling and everything else.
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  11. There are a bunch of ways and a "sploof" is the easiest. You could even harvest some activated charcoal and put that in the sploof.

    Light incense, towel the door, hit that shit then go outside too!

    When I smoked tobacco it made it way easier to just set up somewhere or walk briskly and just use a joint and also smoke a cig the entire time being sneaky with the contraband.

    I feel for you OP. I LOOK suspicious all the time so it's hard.
  12. I do to x) im trying to grow a beard and we all know how that looks in the first couple of months.
    Old retired people and families with kids all around so it makes me stand out a little as a single guy early twenties.
    Going into the forest without a dog for example looks more suspicous when i do it, than if one of the old people or families do it ( i might just be super paranoid here xD )

    Im not sure how i would go creating a sploof though, as dryer sheets seems like the main ingredient and only way to get it is to order from ebay..
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  13. You can use hash in a flower vape. It's just harder to clean after the buildup starts to clog quicker. Vaping in a bathroom with the vent blower on will be almost undetectable, no muss no fuss.
  14. I remember seeing someone mention in another thread they used coffee filters that were sprayed with febreeze or cologne and after they let them dry it worked in place of dryer sheets.

    Sounds feasable?
  15. That might work, seems like the best option so far :)
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  16. Switch to oral, problem solved
  17. How would it work blowing the smoke under a kitchen exhaust fan? (connected to pipes going out on the roof)
    If i put it on full force, lighting a joint and smoking while im under it, it will suck most of the smoke out am i right?

    I really have no idea how those works but seems like a good bet untill i can afford a vape.
  18. Ive had similar problems,U should be ok if its going up to the roof and out the end of the extractor into the air bud.

    The smell of hash doesnt linger as long as the stench of weed.
    I know it cant replace a charcoal filtef but try some ona gel (ebay)or air freshner gels, its wicked for smoking indoors it sort of pulls in the aroma and kills the linger right off so it wont hang around nowere near as long.
  19. I think it goes up to the roof, im not 100% sure but i saw some pipes on the roof that i guess would be from kitchen and bath fans/exhausts.
    Also, there is no where else on the side of the building or stuff like that that has any vents of any kind.

    There is some kind of filter in the fan, double layer. (Not sure if it does anything to the smell though)

    To update, i tried lighting a joint and taking a couple hits under the fan with some mango candles lit next to it around 10-15 minutes ago and i cant smell it at all now so it seems to work well.
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  20. I say you should try a jar of the ona gel for smoking in small places,i was quite suprised how well it worked even though it has a pretty strong strange smell it seemed to pull in the weed odour and control it.

    I started with a litre but I buy it in the bucket now but use it more when im harvesting it worx wonders.
    Theres always new versions of it coming out with diff. Flavours and now theres tubs u can mount a fan on.

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