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Smoking Hash Oil

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by chronicpenguin, Aug 17, 2008.

  1. How do you do it?

    i heard of a method with a hookah coal, does any hookah type coal work? and how do u do it.....
  2. be cautious with hookah coals, as quicklights contain a posionous starting agent to help the coals light without a hotplate/10 minutes of flame

    I would say for you to either use it in glass/peice, or roll it into a blunt/joint
  3. no no you go to your hookah or tobacco shop buy the self lighting coals then get a brick or thick plate... light the coal set it on there wait for it to turn fully red. then get paper clip make a scooper out of it. then make tin foil straw. take the scooper"paperclip" put hash oil on the end of it , then put it like a 1/2 inch above the coal and inhale the smoke through tin straw.

    wha law.... and thats called free basing honey oil
  4. I just put it on a screen and smoke it in my bowl
  5. Just get a drop on a paperclip and melt it onto some weed in a bowl.

    If you get the drop on the end of the paperclip and heat up the middle of the paperclip with a lighter, the heat will travel down and let the oil drop right off the end nice and clean (make sure you had the oil above the herbs).
  6. thank you every1 for ur responses

    Does anyone know how much a vial weighs? i bought a G for 35$ from someone who hsa a medical card, but i want to make sure that they didnt pinch any out. Anyway to weigh it?

    i was thinkin i could just weigh the vial, then subtract the weight of an empty one..

    also, which is better meltin it onto a bowl or coal style?
  7. There are 1g vials, 5g vials and up. If you bought it for 35 dollars i imagine you have a 1 gram vial. If the vial is almost full of oil then generally you will have 1 gram of oil.

    As for smoking it i would say that melting it into a bowl or spreading it on a paper and rolling a joint with it would be better.
  8. i know i bought a 1g vial, i just want to make sure that its 1g
  9. bingo:hello:
  10. unfortunately i dont have the weight of an empty one
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    This is a great technique to follow if you want smooth hoots and a great high.

    1. Purchase a glass blade from the local head shop and a glass hooter if availible (otherwise a hollowed out pen will work)
    2. Take an empty plastic bottle and with a lighter heat up a small section 3/4 of the way down of a plastic bottle then slowly insert your hooter though the plastic angled downward to filtrate through water. You should be able to remove the hooter from the bottle without losing suction. Fill bottle to just below the hole with cold water and ice.
    3. On the end that is outside of the bottle you want to place a scoop for your product ie. honey oil. I did this by burning down the outer layer of a twist tie to bare only the wire then curled one side into a scoop.
    4. Now tape the wire and hooter together with the scoop about an inch past the hooter. Use hockey tape and go around a few times for suction. Place it back into your bottle and leave an inch of your scooper end outside the bottle. Now angle your scooper downward so the oil drops onto the glass hooter and does not run up the wire.
    5. To heat the glass blade you will need a torch. Once heated allow few seconds to cool down then suck from the opening of the bottle neck while touching the blade and the scooper. Will result in smooth and cool hoots without the torched lungs if you allow the blade to cool a little.
  12. i usually smoke it on a cigarette.
  13. just buy a hookah, light the coal on the bowl, let it get red hot and then paper clip it onto the coal and use the hookha like normal, you get water filtered hits and you don't even notice how much you take until you breath out a huge cloud.

    My buddy had been doing it for years and it works really well and it's efficient since the hose doesn't allow smoke to leave you don't waste any unless you stop hooting while there is fresh oil still on the coal.
  14. If it melts through the screen in the bowl, smoke it on top of your weed. you can put it in a joint / blunt or smoke it with tobacco in a spliff.
    You can also dissolve it in isopropyl alcohol and "paint" your rolling papers with it.

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