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Smoking gets you much higher than vaporizing

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Canadian Bud, May 10, 2011.

  1. Ok, so here it goes. I used to smoke out of a small glass bowl for a couple of months but decided it was bad for my health. I switched over to vaporizing and purchased an MFLB. Man did I ever fall in love with the little thing, and I've been using it ever since. However, I went out and smoked with my buddy yesterday and the high just felt so much stronger. Everything felt like a movie and I was completely gone. If I think back to vaporizing it seemed that even after vaping large amounts I still was manageable and didn't really feel that high. After maybe 30 minutes I usually already have passed the peak and feel as if I am coming down. By 45 minutes the high is almost completely gone and it felt like a waste of time. With smoking the high lasts much much longer and you can feel it strong the whole way through.

    My message to everyone that has been vaporizing for a while I suggest you take maybe a week off the herb and get blasted by smoking a fat bowl. I think that over time people who vape forget what really being high is like and should probably try smoking a little more just to get the full effect.
  2. this is the reason i sold my mflb....
  3. You don't get higher, it's just a different high. Combusting releases all the CBD's. Of course the high is going to be different.
  4. Da Buddha all day ? :smoke::smoke:

    just kidding, but on back to op i do feel like taking a break from vaping every couple days and smoking a bowl, that bowl will get me a little higher than normal. From not feeling the "smoking" affects in a while i guess.

  5. Well since more CBD's (that get you high) are being released than if you vaporized, I think it's safe to say that it does get you higher :D
  6. I've always said the launch box isn't all it's cracked up to be. It's a cheap portable vape what do you expect.

    Now good real vaporizers are another thing.
  7. The vapour high feels like you are smoking K2 or something.
  8. Oh, and another thing I noticed is that with the vape you have to suck for much much longer. I can do a quick toke sesh in like 2 minutes but with the vape you are constantly inhaling and inhaling. That can't be good for your brain, considering you're not getting a constant flow of oxygen.
  9. I have smoked out of everything except for a vaporizer, and to me a bong gets you the high as hell, its like a weed punch to the chest lol. my 2nd favorite is a bubbler
  10. Well vaporizing doesn't give you many cannabinoids... mostly THC... So when you got super blazed off of smoking... it was because in a sense you took a T-Break from cannabinoids which decreased your tolerance to them.
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  11. I agree. I still love my vape (Vaporstar) to death, but that's mostly for conservation purposes, and I find that my head gets hazy as fuuuckkk when I vape a good amount. I still smoke, though; like many above me have said, smoking is more convenient in terms of elapsed time and it's much more relaxing than the vape, which I feel is clearer but more psychologically intense. I rarely experience paranoia when I smoke, but it's not uncommon when I vape.
  12. Hum, I do take breaks from vaping occasionally and never find the smoke high that much better. Strange, although I'm sure if I got a desktop vape the highs would be better.
  13. completly disagree
  14. AHhahahah I thought it said and 98 other people like this (to the first post), but its a member, I was like, why do so many people think that the first post is right..
  15. Idk about reg but vapping danks gets you high like smoking would
  16. Vaping destroys me lol
  17. Its slightly different people who smoke often will find vaping to be higher
  18. Ive read that to really experience vaporizing you actually have to stop smoking completely and then over a couple of weeks your lungs clear and you get stoned a lot faster and use a lot less

    but of course no one is that dedicated....
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  19. I do both and smoking gives you a more hazier lazy mellow high but vaping gives you a more clear 'gone' feelin high..there both intense in their own ways doe

  20. If you stop smoking and just vape for a couple of weeks would that alos clear your lungs so yu could get the full effect of vaoporizing?
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