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Smoking games!

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by olylongbord11, May 9, 2011.

  1. So i know about drinking games, beer pong, etc.
    what about smoking games? I only know of two, baseball[hold the hit in until whatevers bein passed around comes back to you] and Forest Gump[whenever he says Jenny, or other common phrases in the movie(cant remember much right now) you take a hit]
    Post em up!
  2. After a few hits I rarely have the cognitive ability to follow the rules of said game.
  3. This is a good one, I play it all the time. Its called "smoke the bowl"

    What you do is you put some marijuana in a pipe. Glass or metal, doesn't matter. You then hold a lighter to it and inhale. Keep repeating this until all that is left are the ashes.

    The best part is, YOU ALWAYS WIN!
  4. First reply: that was funny.

    Second reply: come on dude, im just curious.

    Third reply: Dude this is hilarious
  5. There's that one where you hold your hit in until the pipe gets to you again, but that game just make you stupid...literally.
  6. well i know Chicago, which is what you call baseball ( i have no idea why we call it chicago, i figure its like, the time it takes to get to chicago and back)

    besides that the only thing i can think of is a strikeout, which isnt really a game,

    take a hit, chug a beer, do a shot, blow out the smoke.

    the movie beerfest wasn't exagerating, the shit puts you to sleep

  7. i know right? some of those achievements are fucking ridiculous
  8. Smoke til you think. Choose a category and if you can't think of anything in that category take a hit.

    Waffle bong. Put a waffle in the middle of a group of friends and everybody takes a bong rip and jerks off and nuts on the waffle. The last one to cum on the waffle has to eat it. It's a real fun game...........
  9. me n my homies make up crazy games all the time its bomb

    one time we did like every time someone took a hit they had to eat a bug from the yard lol it was crazy we were smoking all night too
  10. I smoke weed to get high, not to play games.
  11. Hahah these are great! keep em comin!
    Except the waffle.
    Thats uh...
  12. extreme chicago.
    works best with a blunt or joint and 2-3 people. you take a quick hit and pass that shit and keep it going around never exhaling until you cant hot it anymore. see how many times you can get it to go around without anyone exhaling.
    gets you fucked up real quick

    also extreme pong as we call it.
    basically your classic beer pong but you must take a hit along with every cup you drink
  13. Sounds like a great to burn through a blunt:smoke:
  14. Oh oh oh just thought of another. Buy a plain white t shirt and blow smoke through the t shirt and whoever makes the coolest Res tye dye wins
  15. all you assholes who have smart comments, gtfo

  16. its not even possible to do it for the whole blunt lol.
    we usually smoke on the blunt for like 20 minutes and then do a few rounds of that to finish it off.
  17. [ame=]YouTube - 40 Year Old Virgin Clip[/ame]

    someone had to post this
  18. My friends and I play "pieces" where everyone brings their favorite piece, loads up a fat bowl, and then we pass all the pieces around. So you're constantly smoking. It's not really a "game" in the sense you meant, but it's fun and you get sooooo high.
  19. lol another one i do with my friends a lot before someone takes a hit someone else draws a weird ass creature and the person hitting has to take a hit like they think the thing in the drawing would. its so sick once everyone's nice n baked lol

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