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Smoking fucks up my memory

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by CHRHN, Mar 14, 2012.

  1. I smoked monday and friday last week, and it feels like it is at least two or three weeks ago to me. I was very suprised when my friend told me it was just last week. Time is very disorted, and I'm afraid of smoking again. Is this normal?
  2. No man, you're obviously on the slow and painful road to dying.
  3. [quote name='"isthisreallife"']No man, you're obviously on the slow and painful road to dying.[/quote]

    This, it means you brain is slowly melting from the inside out and and eventually your brainless body will become a zombie and eat your family.
  4. Obviously it doesn't agree with you for some reason - don't smoke weed ever again.
  5. Ok, here we go! The part of your brain used for memory isnt actually memorizing anything, but forgets things! Clearing your head of useless information. Names and faces we may never see or hear again. If our brain remembered every name and face weve met or seen our brains would fry! Now when we smoke marijuana it actually puts this part of the brain into overdrive. Makin us forget more things then we would normally! And there you have it!
  6. That's what you get for abusing one of the worst and most dangerous drugs out there.
  7. Thanks! It's a bit scary, because I don't remember anything I did last week other than smoking. I usually always remember that. I'm afraid that if I start smoking weekly, I will become a dement zombie, unable to remember anything. :(
  8. well welcome to the club, "out of all the things ive lost i miss my mind the most" ozzy ozbourne
  9. your tolerance is still low. If you choose to up your smoking things would calm down for ya, but thats up to you! This is why i dont recommend anyone in school smoke before class. Harder to retain the info at hand!
  10. Happens to many!!
    Only way to beat it is to strengthen your memory.
    Eating more/better or smoke less often.
  11. This happens to me. This school year has blown by so fast
  12. It will get better over time you just started I guess so if you keep smoking you will be fine
  13. weed does that to you man. the worst side effect in my book.
  14. yea, that weed is no good. give it to me, please. :wave:

  15. dude, seriosly?
  16. [quote name='"budensity"']well welcome to the club, "out of all the things ive lost i miss my mind the most" ozzy ozbourne[/quote]

    Hehehe awesome
  17. The reason weed does this to you is...wait, what?
  18. I don't even know what day it is, who the fuck cares.
  19. So your pretty much saying that that part of your life felt longer.. Why are you complaining?
  20. Haha, getting motivated/remembering can be a problem. I'd recommend trying a vaporizer. Nothing scientific to add, I just find it helps me.

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