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smoking from bubbler

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by planet eclipse, Feb 20, 2009.

  1. alright well it's always SOOOO harsh. I either get shit in my throat while inhaling. Towards the end when its almost cashed it hurts sooooooooo much fuck! Its cashed when the whole bowl is into ashes correct? At the end it smokes more than usual and just burns. Any tips?
  2. Ensure that the piece is clean and you don't have a lot of garbage in your downstem as well. Excessive resin and anything else that can be burned could be creating the smoke. Do you think the harshness towards the end could be from the water being warm/hot from finishing the bowl? If it's a bubbler, you shouldn't really be getting too much shit in your throat. Positioning your tongue in your mouth to catch scooby snacks is a good idea. It's what I usually do with dry pieces. This way, nothing will fly down your throat and cause you to gag and puke on the spot.
  3. Yeah exactly but I take it and don't puke. This bubbler was only used twice from new so its pretty clean I would say. How about the end. When do I know exactly when its cashed?
  4. When you try to take a hit and take the flame off, you should see whether or not there's a cherry going. Also, the hits may start to thin out as you reach the end of a bowl. Mixing or poking around your bowl as you get towards the end will also help stir up any buds that aren't being burned very well. So although a bowl looks cashed and isn't hitting well, you may stir it up to find a bunch of green under it all. Just smoking more will help you learn when the bowl's almost cashed.

  5. Says who? Wash it out with alcohol and salt. You might want to consider using more water in it?
  6. corner the bowl and use the lighter the least you can. or go to a headshop and ask for beeline. it tastes and smokes much better when used insteady of shitty butane. which turns bud black faster and makes it taste like shit
  7. I consider a cashed bowl when there is like 2 hit's left i hate getting shit on by the ash..

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