Smoking from a pringles can.

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  1. So I was sitting at home today and my brother had taken his pipe that I normally use with him. I like to find things in my house and see if I can use it, along with other items in my house, to smoke out of. First I looked around my room and I found an empty Pringles can. I saw it and thought, "Hey, I can smoke out of that."

    So I grabbed it and cleaned it up so it wouldn't be greasy and crumby on my mouth.

    For the stem I hollowed out a Crayola marker and attached it to an empty laser pointer. The laser pointer fit nside of the marker pretty well so I just wrapped it all the way up with electrical tape. The tip of the laser pointer works well as a bowl by itsself or like I did you can make a bowl and fit it into the tip of the laser. I made my bowl with aluminum foil, if you can fit it into the laser well enough it won't budge.

    I bore a hole into the side of the Pringles can with a knife, but of course most sharp tools will do. The hole did not need to be big, but it needed to be able to fit the bottom of the stem which is the bottom of the marker.

    It is kinda hard to explain how I made the mouthpiece. I took the plastic cap off of the can and then with the electrical tape I made squares with the tape on the top of the can and moved inward until there was a hole about 3/4" x 3/4". The actual piece that you put your mouth on is the top part of a coke bottle. I cut off about 1/4 of the bottle from the top and fit it securley into the hole that was made with tape. The mouthpiece may need trimming in order to fit more comfortably on your mouth. I put tape around the rim of the mouth piece in so that it isn't so sharp and you can get better suction with less pain. More tape may need to be applied in order to fit the bottle better.

    For the carb I used the same knife and made another hole on the front of the bottle. Simple.

    The picture was taken before I added the tape around the mouthpiece.

    To hit it you have to, of course, cover the carb and light it but inhale as much as you can, then exhale, then clear it. The hit fills your lungs completely. It's a nice feeling. It's fun to make and I think it's a pretty good trophy to show friends :p

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  2. i bet the coating on the inside of the can gives you crazy fumes to get high!!!!!

  3. Yes I was high in the picture. I was emphasizing its greatness :]
  4. I mean more that the heat from the smoke will release chemicals no doubt which go right into your body. It's an interesting idea none the less.
  5. seriously man? Quit smoking out of that shit, before some fucked up shit happens to your lungs.
  6. what do you think could be on the inside of it that is so bad for my lungs?
  7. all pringles cans are pre coated with crack everyone knows this man dont be silly asking stupid questions god damn.
  8. first off stop smoking out of toxic shit.
    second if you cant clear a pringles can in one hit then you really do need to buy a bong.
  9. its a pringles can. you eat pringles out of it.
    im not burning any of the pringles can and aluminum foil isnt dangerous, neither are laser pointers, unless the copper on the inside is toxic but i dont think so. and crayola markers are non toxic.

    please everyone chill about that.

    well since its put together with such materials it does not have great suction so I have to use bigger breathes to clear it.

    fa sho.
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    When you burn weed it makes smoke, smoke is hot, heat on surfaces like thin plastic coatings release fumes, you are inhaling plastic fumes. It really is that simple.

    As for the rest of what you said, i will just let you believe it. When you become a seasoned toker you will understand more.
  11. ya also like i said pringles cans are pre coated with crack. But nah man also aluminuim foil can give you alzheimers in the long run if you do it alot... and you smoke HEROIN out of aluminuim foil not weed. Oh ya but wuaffiliate if he doesnt have a pipe and he doesnt wanna smoke out of other things and wants to make like a quick bong then this is fine i guess. Give em a break thats a pretty elaborite thing to make a bong out of.
  12. ya digg
    yall are right though.. wasnt thinkin. but yea, its not anything permanant. like i said my brother had the pipe and he's home now ^.^

    I was really just wantin to show it off.
    idc if its healthy or not :p
  13. Natural selection...

    just let nature do its work people!

  14. Not. Not even a little. You might not care but it's just not good to do :)
  15. this.

    p.s. i like your member title and location. fav tv show :p
  16. okie doke.
    danger has been disposed of..
    thanks everyone for the good lookin out! :hello:
  17. During one desperate day, I made a steamroller out of a pringles can. That thing tasted like a mixture of indian food and death. Smoked a bowl out of it quick, and then burnt that thing up. Black smoke came from it, and I can assume that was what went into my lungs.

    Big mistake.
  18. great line man. shit had me crackin up.

  19. HAHAHAH! It's so true.

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