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Smoking from a pipe and swallowing air.

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Firebread, Sep 18, 2009.

  1. So I have been hitting my new pipe a lot. It's a gigantic pipe. It has a rush, and whenever I smoke it and I let go of the rush, I swallow a lot of air. This leads to a lot of discomfort and a feeling like I'm gonna puke. I then end up getting weed burps for a good half an hour after smoking. How do I stop this?
  2. dont swallow with smoke inside of you. wait until you inhale your hit, wait a few seconds, and then let it out. THEN you can swallow

  3. That's the thing, I'm not swallowing. I just let the rush go, and then I end up getting air stuck in my throat and stomach.
  4. erm so by letting the choke go and you get a rush of air behind it.. its going INTO your stomach instead of lungs?

    i think you're not breathing correctlly when you hit the pipe..

    you gotta think of the rush not like food/water and more like air and close up your food tunnel and open your wind pipe.

  5. i heard that swallowing smoke is bad for your stomach. like it eats away at ur stomach lining n shit.

  6. Probably explain why I've felt like puking all day.
  7. Try taking smaller hits from the pipe until you get used to it. Trust me, I've been there. :p
  8. probably. i know when i was a noob smoke and this is when i tried cigs not weed i felt sick as hell if i shallow smoke. id turn pale and alot of times have sharp paines in my abdominal area
  9. i know that if i start coughing like a bitch after hitting something, i usually get air down in my stomach, but not when actually hitting it
  10. My advice is to (if you don't mind what most call stale smoke) take a big hit but don't let go of the choke, exhale that, then inhale the smoke in the pipe with the choke off. That way you're more prepared for the rush of smoke.
    Once you get used to it you can do it perfectly in one go.
  11. Practice makes perfect. All good advice here.

    Just start out slow and small. If you're swallowing air/smoke, slow down and go smaller. You aren't going to learn to do it right if you're practicing doing it wrong.

  12. haha im still there
  13. I have this problem too. I've been smoking without swallowing the smoke forever. But lately, I swallow involuntarily. I can't help it and it sucks. I wonder what has changed, other than involuntary swallowing, there isn't anything else I'm doing different. But, I'm going to try taking smaller hits maybe I've just gotten too big with them.

  14. OP is 9 years old...

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