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smoking from a copper bowl

Discussion in 'Apprentice Tokers' started by wein-dog12, Sep 15, 2008.

  1. well i just made this extremly sweet as homemade bong but the problem the only thing i could find to make a bowlfrom was a copper fitting and well it work perfectly but ihave been severely warned about smoking from copper bowls is it really that bad and is there a way to work around that problem because the bowl is pretty much permanent and i dont want to toss my new peice(which by the way hit's like a bitch!)soo any ideas
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    Sorry, but you can't just spray a magical coating to make it a non-copper metal.

    Why not save up some money and buy your own bong/bowl? It's only $40 or so for a good starting one, and trust me, they will hit better than any homemade device you'll come across (unless you know how to cut and form glass.)

    Keep toking. :smoking:
  3. Copper has a high activation point, that is before it starts releasing a toxic vapor. That point is around 600-800 degrees. Most people who work with copper use torches at around 900-1100 degrees (Copper also has a very high melting point). Unless your using it for a long time, because over an extended amount of time, it will degrade from intense heat exposure, you shouldn't have a problem. Enjoy what you've made, but I'd save up for a nicer piece...or switch to brass which has a MUCH MUCH higher activation point, or nickle which is even higher.
  4. so what your saying is that all i have to do is not to go over zealos in smoking from the bowl and just wait alittle while in between bowls and i dont have to worry about dying or some thing?
  5. That's right.

    You can have good sessions off it, and use it for a while, just start saving for a piece man! You'll be ok for now, just either keep your bowl changed, or don't use it every day!
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    Plumbing copper is extremely toxic and will kill you. Use foil while you wait for a glass bowl.

    Or at the very least make an apple pipe. Use just apple with no foil or plastic.
  7. dude, do not use a copper piece. it is extremely bad for you. seriously, i would pass and go without before hitting that. call me paranoid if youd like:p

  8. QFT.
    Aluminum is even better than copper.
    If you have to make a bowl, just use a steel socket or something.

    Discussion over.
  10. would help if i put some foil over the copper bowl instead of using a screen so the flame doesnt touch the copper ????
  11. Here are some easy steps for smoking.

    1. Go to headshop
    2. Buy a nice cheap glass piece
    3. Smoke
    4. Profit

    Just buy a glass pipe until you can afford a nice bong.
  12. Make a light bulb vape, you get a better/longer high.

    take a light bulb, cut the black ring thing that screws into the light socket, use a screw

    driver to clear out the little glass light up thing, use some salt and shake it around to

    clear it out. After wards rinse the entire thing with water, and let sit for about 5 minutes...

    then take a normal dasani bottle cap and it should screw on to the brass part that you

    hopefully do not cut off. Poke 2 holes in the cap 1 for a bic hollowed out pen cape and

    one for a carb. Hopefully you know how to use a vape if not then just find a youtube vid.

    good luck happy smoking :)
  13. cansome one give me a straight awnser i cant buy glass because there isnt a headshop wherer i live so would putting foil over it help so the flame doesnt touch the copper ?
  14. Both aluminum foil and copper are evil... do not use them, just use a steel head for a socket wrench. Do not smoke with a green flame lighter, the green comes from burning the little copper piece in there. Rip it out!
  15. You can easily take a piece of scrap wood and a drill. Use a couple different bits, make a bowl and an airway to smoke from. Bam simple ghetto pipe and it works temp.
  16. well the bowl is pretty permanent so im gonna put foil over it and not give fuck
  17. have fun with your vomiting and a very high risk of cancer.
  18. ahahahahahahahahh please do not smoke out of a copper bowl ahahahaha

    i'm lit up and that is some of the funniest shit i seen all day

    at least just make a bowl from a soda can.
  19. man why do peopel say its ok and soem say its not can someone give me a definitive awnser about smoking from copper ???
  20. It's NOT OK dude. I personally know 2 people that got copper poisoning from smoking. One almost died and has permanent damage. Plumbing copper is extremely toxic and also has other chemicals besides copper.

    Just smoke from an apple or roll if you can't get a glass piece. You can also carve a bowl out of hardwood. Many tobacco shops sell wooden pipes. There's lots of options besides copper.

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