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smoking freshly picked bud

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Rauwz, Nov 18, 2011.

  1. If I were to guy and pick some bud off a plant right now, what should I do to smoke it? I assume you can't smoke it all fresh. I've heard you should put it in the microwave, is this true? And if so, for how long?
  2. No, it has to cure for a couple weeks...

    (Happy post 420!!!111oneoneone)
  3. You need to cure it. Curing is the process of removing moisture from the bud. Microwaving it would not be ideal, you would most likely need to let them air dry in a dark cool place that is not humid. This process could take up to two weeks or even a month depending on the plant.
  4. Microwaving it will make it smokable from a dryness standpoint, but all the chlorophyll is still in the bud, it will be very green and very harsh.

    Curing the bud is a much better plan.

  5. could I then just smoke it? Because I do actually have some plants hanging in my basement, Been there for just under a month now.

    Sorry for being so noobish, but I've never tried this whole growing thing before :smoke:
  6. Noooooo! NO NO NO NO NO

    Wait. I promise it will be worth it if you just wait 2 weeks...
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    Depending on how much you need you can flash dry smaller parts, it will be harsh but its fine.

    Bud needs 5-7 days hanging upside down to dry. Then you put it in jars, and cure it, typically 1 week before you can start smoking, 30 days normal and a few mths equals really smooth flavorful smoke. Need to burp your jars or empty buds out for about 5-10 minutes a day, let gasses out of jar and insure buds do not mold.

    In this photo is cured and dried vs uncured.

    Same strain. Granted the fresh picked is very premature by about 3 weeks but it was a lower branch not getting any light so i cut it off last night.

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    No, you absolutely can not smoke fresh bud off the plant. I've tried smoking fresh buds off my plants before but it will not work because buds are filled with water.

    DO NOT put in the microwave and DO NOT put it in the oven. Even though it dries them quicker the heat rapidly degrades the THC, and if it's hot enough it will start to vaporize all your THC.

    If you want to quick dry your bud, while at the same time keeping the quality as high as possible, then follow these steps.

    This process was created for the purpose of quick smokeage, but also concentrates on preserving the quality of the bud, unlike other quick-drying methods.

    "The Slow Quick-Dry"

    1. Hang nug upside down.

    2. Put in front of a fan on the highest setting. (If it's winter you can put in front of a space heater which will speed up the process significantly.)

    3. Within an hour or two the buds should have shrunken noticeably and lost alot of excess moisture. Let it sit in front of fan for a bit longer (If your in a hurry than you can go ahead and skip this step and go to step 4.)

    4. The bud is still moist at this point. Break the bud down to small pieces, this will increase the surface area causing the moisture to evaporate much quicker.

    6. Take the broken down bud and put it on a piece of paper or a paper towel or anything that absorbs moisture. Don't just leave the bud in a pile, spread it out evenly over the paper to increase surface area. Put it infront of a fan or space heater (on low setting to make sure the bud don't blow away.)

    7. Within an hour or so the bud should be getting crispier. Almost ready to be completely smokeable. Let it sit infront of fan/space heater for a bit longer. (If you can't wait any longer you can attempt to smoke some to hold your self off for awhile till the rest dries.)

    8. The bud should be at a smokeable point by now. You can go ahead and smoke up (from a bowl, still too moist for a joint.) If it's still too wet to smoke than the only thing you can do it let it sit. Make sure it is cut up and spread out evenly as to speed up the drying process.

    The drying times can vary greatly. Mature buds will take longer than what I said, but premature samples can be dryed quickly with this method.

    Do not use this method for large amounts of bud. This is only for if you need to smoke real quick. Do not use this method for your whole harvest as you will be highly dissapointed with the end result. If you want your nug to be as high quality as possible than i recommend you follow the standard drying and curing processes. The result of my method leaves you with a lower quality (but smokeable) product.

    If this process takes too long for you, than you can go ahead and use the standard oven technique. Though this method is faster, it drastically reduces the over quality of your precious nug.

  9. awesome. +rep!
  10. Hang it up to dry like a towel. You can smoke it when it is not completly cured though. Once you can snap off the stems is when the buds are at their prime. If they bend and don't snap it is still smokeable but won't be at its' best.
  11. Where's step 5?
  12. I love how that was the only question lmfao :D
  13. Instead of all those steps, couldn't you just break up the nugs beforehand, put them in cheesecloth or a paper towel or something and hang that in front of the fan? It seems that would speed the whole process up a lot. Or can you not do that?
  14. Well duh, he skipped the shit out of step 5. I feel like I'm missing important information.
  15. Damn I can't believe i missed step 5.
    Well here it is.

    5.) Take weed and throw in trash can; become over run by hot bitches.
  16. I'd like to mention another quick-dry method. I'm a cultivator and I've found this to be the "best" quick-dry method to sample buds - all quick-dry methods are shit compared to proper drying, but when you're in a bind, this method is wonderful.


    You'll need the following:

    Tupperware with lid
    Paper towels

    1) Break the herb up into smaller pieces so it dries faster
    2) Line the bottom of the tupperware with a dry paper towel
    3) Place herb on the paper towel
    4) Take a double layer of paper towel and get it wet and wring it out well (damp, not soaking)
    5) Stab a small hole or three in the paper towel and cover the herb with it
    6) Place the lid on loosely so steam can escape (leave the corner off or something)
    7) Microwave on high for 1:00
    8) Place still moist (but dryer) herb on another dry paper towel, re-dampen the top paper towel and repeat the microwaving process roughly 3-4 times.

    I've found this to be the least harsh quick dry method. It leaves all the trichomes intact and the final product is very potent. Taste and odor are lost, but potency isn't.
  17. ive done it before cause my friend got his hands on a plant but didnt know how to grow... i wont go in to the details with that. and it was premature bud cause he claimed his plant was dieing lol. long story short it was harsh as hell and it still got me baked cause it was some fire.
  18. If you have a vape you can quick dry it in there. When I take a sample of mine I put it in the volcano for a few min at 200f then smoke in a bowl. Works well for quickdrying small amounts.

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