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Smoking fresh weed okay?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by gabe8812, Sep 30, 2010.

  1. My friend got some and we just finished smoking.

    I'm really high guys. Lol

    But I'm just wondering if that makes a difference compared to the usual dry weed.

    Thanks guys!
  2. wtf do you mean by fresh? If you mean fresh off the plant then no. You must dry it first and then cure it properly, for a while too.
  3. You're asking whether or not smoking weed right after you buy it (rather than storing it and smoking later) gets you higher?...
  4. By fresh do you mean wet?no its not better you should dry it n it will b better.It was prob just some gudd weed though
  5. Yes I mean fresh off the plant.

    What do you mean by no?
  6. No I mean fresh off the plant.
  7. Nothing wrong with clipping a nug off the plant and smoking it, not as potent but you won't notice the difference. Best off in the vaporizer
  8. soooo what i have come to learn is that when anyone asks this question they have just gotten done stealing it from someone who grows, because if you or your friend grew it you'd know you can't smoke it. way to be a dick :/

    edit; well, you can smoke it but it does not have the psychoactive effects. loses a molecule of carbon or something when it is cured
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  9. as long as its crystaly looking i dont like smoking dry weed i like my weed a little sticky but not too freh too where its just a dark green

  10. It just as many psychoactive effects. What if it's his first time grow? Honestly it isn't hard at all to keep a plant alive.
  11. Couldnt have said it better myself.:hello: There was some guy where I live going around stealing plants and cutting it up early and trying to sell it.Waisted all that good bud and got his ass kicked:devious:
  12. i'm not going to say that i commonly and thoroughly examine people who steal marijuana, but have you honestly ever met a person that grew an entire marijuana plant and across that entire time they didn't know that they would need to cure it at the end?

    and although i don't study people that steal marijuana, i will tell you that each person that has asked this question has stolen it, because really


    had two posts because i quoted someone else and responded to them with this and it was the wrong person

    edit; oh and i still believe it does not have the same psychoactive effects. you could try google, man. also, know from experience, wet buds aren't the same
  13. Yea Smoking stolen marijuana fry.esh is okay well not morally.

  14. seems to happen all over the place, surprised the first person to reply couldn't smell this one out
  15. Very true idk why people dont just grow there own its not that hard.Nowadays people got camers,bear traps n tons of shit around there outdoor grows.Some People will str8 up shoot you if they catch you.

  16. yes, but unfortunately there are those who don't set up the traps
  17. My friend got it from a dealer, and I went with him. So idk if the dealer stole it or not.
  18. This. lol

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