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Discussion in 'General' started by a7Xtasy 769, Sep 17, 2009.

  1. so i was just smoking a camel outside and found a pretty much full pack of parliments

    this has happened to me like 5 times, and it made me wonder; am i the only one who looks through cig boxes and actually smokes the ones they find?
    i mean i guess someone could mess with them, but what sick fuck would do that?

    if u dont smoke i really dont wanna hear it
  2. i found like 5 cigarettes on the side of a highway before lol, it was pretty cool to just find them sitting there.
  3. I find cigs all the time at the golf course. People just leave them in their golf cart and i just take them.
  4. I don't smoke. :p
  5. I've found many a pack of cigs in my day. Nothing better than finding a pack of ports when I'm fiending though.
  6. Unfortunately that's how I got started. I found a nearly full pack of Kools with a matchbook in the cellophane and figured why not.

    Now I smoke almost a pack of Newports a day. :(
  7. some guy dropped his pack and didn't notice it so I told him about it he took 3 and let me keep the rest there was like 8 of them left in the box :D
  8. I found a full 20 pack when I went to pick up some Ketamine once. Since Karma was being nice to me and I'm not much of a cig smoker, I gave probably 15 of them away, smoked the rest :)

  9. Shit that is lucky. I've found a cigarette before..but not a whole pack practically.

    I've fucked with peoples cigarettes though. You stick a match in them..tip out. After a few puffs..the cigarette just ignites scaring the crap outta the smoker :smoking:
  10. I never find shit. I always hear stories about how people find cigs and weed and alcohol. I never find shit.

    A friend of mine was telling me how he found a whole 5th of unopened vodka laying by the road. And his wife always finds unopened beers laying around outside. Him and his wife are trying to stay away from that stuff; going to church, being christians and all that, and he says, "It's the devil trying to temp us." and I said, "Why the fuck doesn't he temp me!? Shit."
  11. my aunt use to put gun powder in the middle of my moms and when she was smoking them they would explode halfway through:D
  12. ^^ lol
  13. I was taking a walk in the middle of the night and I came across a ziplock full of cigs, but I don't smoke.
  14. found a few packs in my day, usually puff 1 or 2 n then throw the pack out or give it to a friend...not really a tobacco smoker
  15. Wouldnt that be a bonus, lol.
  16. fuck thats hilarious i wish i had friends that smoke.
  17. If I found a pack of cigs, I'd be happy but pissed at the same time. I haven't smoked a cig in 26 days, and I would be forced to smoke if I found them.:p

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