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Smoking for real

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by digas, Oct 31, 2014.

  1. So, I've never smoked weed real hard, I don't smoke tobacco, I know I'm a lightweight and I've been high before I guess.
    I wanted to know something, last week I took like 10 light hits and got kinda high, got my legs numb and I couldn't focus on basic things like reading, it lasted for 2 hours and i just wanted to be sitting on a couch, listening to music and talking with friends. I've been smoking weed for like once a month and I get high with just a few hits, I once almost freaked out for some seconds but my friends told me it was just paranoia and then I enjoyed it.
    Tomorrow I'm gonna throw a little party for like 5 friends and we're going to smoke like 2 joints, for some of you this might not seem big deal but I can only take like 5-6 hits without getting high, will I pass out if I take like more than 20 hits or just get even higher? I know the feeling but I've been told that some people go full freakout and sometimes they vomit and pass out, will that happen to me?
    It's my first post, hope you understand, I wait for answers!

  2. People do green out...
    But usually that has something to do with some other physical issue.
    It definitely won't make you less high.
    But you will get too a point where it may seem more uncomfortable than enjoyable.
    And friends should understand...
    I find it best to have all the conditions to not worry about anything. Having food/drink. Shelter, or comfortable location.
    If you don't feel right just stop.
    Nothing bad can happen if you don't let it happen.
    Wouldn't worry about 2 joints unless you faced them. They burn slow, and won't hit as hard. Then again I've only been bonging and vaping, not sure how the feel of rolls, rolls.
  3. First off, welcome to the forums!

    You've already smoked some times before, so you know what to expect. You have a low tolerance too, which is absolutely fine, by the way.

    My advice is to know your limits, and stick to them. If you have twenty hits, you'll likely be pretty high, but if there's five of you, taking twenty hits from one of two joints is a bit unfair for everyone else!

    You won't freak out or pass out or die or anything. As long as you're not mixing it with tobacco, you'll be fine. That's why a lot of people throw up or get sick from smoking; they mix it with tobacco.

    Being safe is honestly the best thing. Being with friends is equally as good. You have both.

    And weed.

    Enjoy your night buddy.
  4. Thanks for fast answers, I'll have shelter, friends, drinks and food, I'll smoke till I know I can't take more.
    Anyways, if I green out, will it take too much time to wake up? My friends are veterans so they know I can't tolerate much.
  5. I've never personally seen or heard of anybody around here greening out. Here people just throw up or "whitey".

    If you pass out (which you really won't) your friends are going to be capable of looking after you if they're long time smokers.

    I wouldn't even view greening out as something on your night's agenda.
  6. I'm looking forward for a great night, we'll have cards, computers, playstation, movies, snacks and drinks, I'll give you guys an update on my night tomorrow.
    Thanks for all support and cheer up. ;)
  7. Sounds like it's gonna be an awesome night man! Make sure to let us know how it goes down!

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