Smoking for a few years, and sex drive.

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  1. Have any of you noticed a change in your sex drive after smoking for a few years? I have been smoking for 4 years, and this last year I haven't gone a day with out smoking. I have been doing some research and a lot of people are having the same kind of problem. There just isn't any sexual desire like I use to have. Has anybody noticed anything like this? And if so, did you quit smoking for a while, and did your desire come back?

  2. I reckon stop smoking for a while. I know it sounds hard but it will work. Say , only two weeks ? You've been smoking marijuana for too short for there to be any permanent damage on sex drive so in your break from smoking , I recommend you eating foods that help produce testosterone. I know there are many , can't remember though. Try a google search. Maybe even try working out ? If you're determined to get back your sex drive I know my last suggestion will definitely work. Good luck bro.
  3. idk..every time i smoke some piff..i get pretty revved up..and of course the action is better above the influence
  4. sounds kinda weird

    when im coming down from bein stoned i get pretty horny. lolz

    i have sex everyday wit my gf

    Weed is kind of an aphrodisiac to me sometimes
  5. hah thts whack i smoke every day n every day i want pussy =)
  6. You should look at other parts of your life for the cause of this problem. I don't believe cannabis has any negative effects on the reproductive system, they all have shown to be only positive.
  7. never had that issue man.

    just take a break for a while and see if it comes back.

    i'm sure you will be fine, gotta get that mann.

    for a while u will be :(, but then a few weeks later :), then a lady comes along :eek:, and afterwords your all :rolleyes::cool:, then you start :smoke: again, and your ;):D, and you can say :wave: to this thread.

    good luck and start smoking again when it comes back :smoke:

  8. Words of wisdom.
  9. Nice post too legit. I agree that smoking didnt make it any less at all. If anything its your genetic libido that just isn't as high as some people. But look at other areas of your life like that other dude said because you can improve that.
  10. If you exercise on a regular basis, it keeps your testosterone levels up which gives you your sex drive.

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