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Smoking for 4 years, why do I get high so easy?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by ~Stoned~, Feb 10, 2009.

  1. I have been smoking on and off for 3 years and for the last year I have smoked every day. My question is, why do I still get high off just one bowl. Im not smoking anything but some mids. Dont get me wrong im not complaigning just wondering why my tolerance isnt going up. Thanks

  2. its your biology

  3. Be thankful ;)
  4. Does this mean it will always be low or what that doesnt really provide an explanation
  5. Oh yesI am very thankful just curious :p
  6. Maybe give us your height and body weight and we can see if that has any effect on it. Also, are you smoking alone or with friends? When you're alone and you smoke. You will feel higher than you would with friends.
  7. I have found tolerance really interesting, to the point I have pretty much studied mine...aha..specially this summer since I was around O's a day..

    it all depends on how you smoke, whether you smoke bowls, take bong hits, roll blunts and joints..

    also on the quality of the bud, and the qauntity...

    the kid who said "its your biology" it actually really is...
  8. also realy mind state im like you wel lonly been smoking like 2 years but i can smoke everyday and feel the highest i have ever been every day even with mids but with mids u get mad tired at night i think u just have to want it
  9. id say your tolerance doesnt really go up all that fast, along with when i take breaks(rarely haha) but when i do, maybe a week or two at most, i get super high when i start smoking again. as if my tolerance had been lost. also i think it depends on how often you smoke versus quality of the product. i
  10. ive been smoking almost everyday for the past 4 years with a couple breaks, so i feel were on the same page.....
  11. cuz your the man!
  12. ^Yeah haha :D

    How is your metabolism? A friend of mine has really low metabolism and he gets stoned as fuck off not much at all. I've got ridiculously high metabolism but I can get happily blazed after a joint or two.
  13. well you probably have a very high motabolism, like me:D. ive been on it for 2 years and one bowl of mids still gets me high
  14. yea me 2...
    i smoke dank though normally,
    and i get high from the 1st two hits...
    i get blowed from 1ne bowl...
    i think cuz i dont go overboard with smoking
    large amounts i smoke by myself alot, so i dont need 2
    impress ppl with my tolerance, like beer games...
    i smoke simply 2 get high and expand my mind..
    do wat its made for...

    Toke it Ez.

  15. here is what I've found...
    when you've been smoking longer, you learn how to take hits
    I can determine how much I smoke and still get the same high
    I could get stoned off my ass after one bowl
    on the floor after two

    when you take big, fast, harsh hits
    or anything that makes you cough violently and uncontrollably, that's when you get super fucked up
    if this is happening to you, you may be doing it subconciously and not knowing it
  16. How does a metabilism work? Higher the metabilism the skinnier you are? If thats how it is I have a slow metabilism lol
  17. #17 Puppy981, Feb 10, 2009
    Last edited by a moderator: Feb 10, 2009
    Your bodies ability to clense and purge itself is affected by many things. However in the case of THC, by nature it is stored in fat cells, Its fat soluble. The number one thing that is going to have an effect of someones tolerance will be their bodies metabolism. More muscle mass? Constant cardiovascular excercise? Low bodyfat? Drink alot of water? Excercise daily? Have a stimulant habit? Haha.

    But seriously any one or a combination of any of those things could be the reason. Your body is a fascinating thing, youd do yourself a solid learning how you work, it can be helpful.

    Your metabolism is your bodies, basically furnace. Sadly, Genetics can play a role in your metabolic rate. It raises when you do things like eat, workout, run, jog, drink caffeine. Also your thyroid plays a HUGE role on your metabolism on a hormonal level by way of your adrenal gland but that's another story.
  18. not necessarily man, there was a study i saw on here a while back and it's been proven more effective to take more, smaller hits, holding them in for a few seconds.
  19. yeah i think so. i eat all i want and can sit on my ass all day and not gain a lb. consider yourself lucky then:)
  20. Well I am far from skinny and I dont excercise daily pretty much im a heart attack waiting to happen HAHA anyway yeah so that kind of throws that out the window

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