Smoking fertilized weed, is it safe?

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by Vermeer, Oct 4, 2003.

  1. Greetings all,

    I have been using fert called Bio Bloei for the last couple of months during flowering. It is 100% bio. I cut down a couple of branches last week and let them dry (couldn't wait). Last night I finally took a few hits of my new herb. Nice!

    Here is my question, I woke up this morning with sharp stomach pains. At the time I cut down the buds I smoked, I was still giving her full strength fert. I have since gone to straight water only as I am about a week away from pulling the whole plant.

    I think my illness is coincidental, but it makes me wonder. Could the fert contained in the weed make somebody sick?
  2. I dont think it makes you sick, it just tastes bad. Mabey you just had the munchies? :D
  3. And a note for next year, just dont use any chem ferts just use natural organics. Some bone and blood meal in the soil to begin with. Then every 2-4 weeks use compost teas for veg to bring up the microorganisms in the root area. In flower make worm casting tea and later in flower bat guano tea with some bone meal spread on the top of the soil. all organcic is better in two ways one it dosent build up salts and also the soil can be reused over and over.

  4. The longer it takes to dry the better the smoke will be because all the chems will have more time to leach out. shade give it a test when its time to harvest harvet half uour plant then water it and harvest the rest the next day. I would do this but i cant go to my plot allot and will only harest in one big go because every time i walk out of the local woods with a few oz of fresh cut buds its a big risk.
  5. Sounds like we have a weed experiment on our hands :). to harvest wet or dry buds, that is the question... dont give up on me tough shade. i know i havent followed through n some experiments like outdoor scrog but thats for ovious reasons with a plant as big as mine.

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